La Vie Avec Toi

Saturday brunch with Penguin and did a bit of walking while we waited for his gig at Sands Cotai Central this morning. Isn't it nice to wake up to a bright and sunny day? Gives me so much energy. Couldn't ask for a more perfect day to wear a Coachella inspired outfit than today - yes, I'm one of the music junkies, drooling and so much wanting to go to that wonderful event! A weekend full of fun, music, and non stop parties. Gaaah, wishful thinking. 
Sadly, I only have this weekend for a much needed break from work where I've been dead, not because of exhaustion, rather from the lack of things to do. Having nothing to do kills me. Brr. Anyway no further complains. Today I'm inspired and it's time to get creative.

Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Carla

On me://Tee -Pull&Bear//Skirt - DIY//Bag- MPT//Boots - Dr. Martens//Sunnies - Cotton On//Rings - H&M//Earrings - Local Bazaar//

<Photos by Penguin>


  1. i adore that leopard skirt.really great top too.great mix and match girl!

  2. Okay, I seriously love this outfit. My fave yet from you!
    I need a leopard skirt...haha, you styled this one perfectly. You've nailed the casual, cool, slightly edgy vibe with this on :)

    Trendy Teal

  3. edgy, cool and chic! love how you styled everything, you're such a pro in mixing and matching pieces!

    xo, cherie
    Parade of Dresses

  4. I love this look!! Very coachella inspired. That leopard print skirt is so amazing, and I really like it with the top

  5. Looking fab sweety! Love the sunnies! :)
    Thank you for your comment dear. Hope you stop by my blog again sometime soon. :)
    Have a lovely rest of the weekend.


  6. gorgeous outfit! Your blog is lovely!

  7. Cool Outfit ,you look cute!
    Thank you for the Comment ,i love your Blog ,want you that we follow each other?! :)


  8. Pretty , I love those DIY leopard skirt!!!

  9. Love the sunnies; great look!

  10. The skirt is aaaaawesome, love the Doc Martens in combination!

    Xx, Saritschka.

  11. Love your skirt!! you look so casual and chic in the same time :X

  12. Love the DMs, I've been wondering whether I want some of my own for ages. Great sunnies too!
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  13. Nice style! Wow... I totally fell in love with your blog, now I just have to follow :D And thank you for the sweet comment, see you around! xoxo ♥

  14. nice look!!!!!
    and cute blog!

  15. I loveee your style - it is so cool! And I really love the fact that you grabbed inspiration from coachella! I totally know how you feel about it, it is my dream to go!
    Thank you for you comment on my blog, I am following you now :)

    Treasure State

  16. omyngod haha you scared me right know
    definitely we have the same taste and loveeee to see that!!
    love this outfit by the way I can wear it right know because we love the same things!X


  17. Love this look Carla! Thanks for your comment. I followed you. ♥

  18. I love the maroon color and the leopard print! So so cute!


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