Singapore Photo Diary

After being on the road (and sky) for almost the whole day, we finally arrived at our hotel in Singapore late in the afternoon. From the island of Samet, we had to charter a speedboat to take us to port because we had to be at the airport in Bangkok at 8 in the morning, and to get there takes at least 3 hours by boat and car. It was the craziest time. A supposedly 45minute boat ride from the island took us only 15 minutes by a speedboat. You can imagine how fast it went and shook us to our guts. By the time we arrived at at the airport, even before boarding the plane, I was already exhausted. But I couldn't let that spoil all the fun. We went straight to Sentosa as we landed in Singapore, and when we got there it was already dark. But we couldn't let time put to waste because we're only staying for a mere few days. So right after checking in, we chilled by the pool, dined at the Malaysian street food hawker fair, and took a walk the at Sentosa boardwalk as we headed for the city.

Unlike Thailand, Singapore isn't very colorful. But I already love its people. Everyone we encountered seems to be genuinely nice and helpful. Even without us asking for help, they're very much ready to offer. I like that they all speak English too. But there's a lot that we can't do. "Singapore is a fine city" - They mean that literally. You get fined for so many different things, even for drinking any kind of beverage inside the train. I guess its the main reason why people here are very disciplined and behaved, and why the city is very neat. It's beautiful in a way much different than Bangkok. It's very much developed and all what you can expect of a city. I have to be honest though, this isn't the kind of place I want to live in - I don't like a fast-paced lifestyle. But I do envy its residents, because they live in a beautiful city that is very well taken care of. I wish every place in the world is well taken care of.

Cheers, Carla
-- Photos by Penguin, yours truly, and some from my friend E. --


  1. Aww fun pictures and great holiday! I'm so glad to see all of your holiday pictures, seems fun and wondeful. Anyway, where did you stay in Singapore? Why is there a stair in your room? haha *wondering* anyway, totally agree with Singapore is a great city <3


  2. Look at your jetsetter self! Singapore looks awesome, enjoy it and take lots of pictures!

    Love from Jo'burg

  3. AnonymousJuly 14, 2012

    great ♥

  4. You look so pretty in these pictures! :)
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  5. seems you enjoy your holiday so much :)
    love your shorts.


  6. awww, i wanna go! hope you're having fun

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  7. Photos are amazing, makes me wanna go there!
    Hope you're having funnnn!

  8. You definitely make for one of the cutest travelers I've seen! Haha, great style for your trip - I want those shorts ♥
    And wow, fined for just having a drink in the train? Crazy...aha, I wouldn't want to live there either. Buuuut, to visit? Definitely :)
    Have fun!

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  9. Beautiful photos and you look so great!


  10. AnonymousJuly 15, 2012

    looks like you realy had fun there...
    do you mind follow me back carla?

  11. Amazing photos! You probably are having so much fun there! Everything look fantastic! And your travel outfit is great :)


  12. i love your photos!! :) xxx

  13. Gahhh Singapore is amazing!! All these photos remind me of when I used to live there. :)

    And your hotel room!!! How cool!!! :) x

  14. Girl,I love your blog!!You are sweet:) I followed you:) If you like my blog,please,follow my blog:)

  15. Hello sweet Carla!!!! Thank you very much for pubblishing nice comments on my last post. Love you blog, photos are amazing, I became your new member, if you will join to my blog too I will appreciate this too much. Kisses
    Lidiya Ostafiychuk

  16. Some gorgeous pictures. Looks like an awesome time. :)


  17. fantastic pics!!
    One kiss :)

  18. Looks like your had a lot of fun :)

  19. Enjoying your blog dear. Keep it up.

  20. Most of my friends are now in SG. There was a time where I wanted to join the bandwagon and work there but I guess there's just no place like home.


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