Back From the Holidays with a Mini Haul

I just got back in Macau last night after travelling for almost the whole day, coming from Manila to Clark, and waiting for transport in between. I haven't even settled in, counted the days I stayed since July totaling to less than two weeks, luggage still untouched, and here I am realizing I need to pack again soon. The family decided to do a mini reunion with the rest of the relatives who arrived in Manila from other places the night before I left. I should have thought of leaving my stuff behind had I known I'll be back again three days later. Silly.  

Anyway, since I got back from our Thailand/Singapore/Malaysia escapade, I haven't really had the chance to show you guys the stuff I got from my recent trips and some presents that arrived while I was away. I got too caught up with the travel photos, trying to show you the most that I can with the little free time I had during the trip and the few days I stayed here before heading to Manila, that I forgot about these cute little things. They're scattered everywhere in my room now and I can't find everything as of now so I was only able to take pictures of those that I can.

1. A set of bangles from a store in Bicol called Star Accessories - they're really cheap, but you've seen them previously as I've been wearing them from my posts in Bicol.
2. Superman necklace - Before we left, my sweet little brother Paulo bought for me from a local store.

3. Posh passport holder from a gift store and accessories from Forever 21 in Vivo City, Singapore; some souvenir pens, and a pair of USA flag earrings from a street stall in Bangkok.

4. These ones are my favorite - brass rings from Chatuchak market in Bangkok. I've been wearing these on rotation nonstop.

5. Luggage tags, which I've started collecting from every place that I go to.

6. And a pair of pixelated sunnies from Romwe which arrived just before I left for Manila, courtesy of Catsuit-latex. 

There are a few more, but which I will just show you when I get the chance to find them. Right now, it has become a difficult task to keep track of my stuff when I've been packing and unpacking. But it's all good... =) Enjoy the rest of summer loves! 

Cheers, Carla

On me://Top - Nine//Skirt - MPT//Accessories as mentioned//Bag - thrifted//

-- Photos by Penguin and yours truly --


  1. Gorgeous items! I love these rings!! :D

    New outfit on my blog, check it! :)

  2. nice outfit, and cool pics :)

  3. Nice post and haul. I love the sunnies and hey! u r beautiful. <3

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  4. I just had to scroll through all your posts to see how you wore these bracelets and let me tell you, I luv a lot! And the brass nuckles (haha) are super awesome as well, super awesome finds

  5. I love the skirt you're wearing, such a pretty piece! I bet you're happy to be home. Those brass rings are amazing, I love pieces like this, so edgy and fun

  6. love the rings! i can't wait to visit asia, really cheap there :)
    and i love your outfit , well like always :)


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  7. Man, bet you're tired after all that traveling! Glad you've had a safe trip though.
    And a successful one at that! Gosh, can't wait to see you wear all those pretty things. I'm loving the accessories ♥
    Oh, and that SKIRT!! LOVE that haha

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  8. Love the brass ring you got from BKK. =)

  9. great outfit<3
    follow me back pls:)


  10. I love the look of the sunglasses

  11. Lovely post, the rings are gorgeous.



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