Weekend Getaway - Manila/Cavite

Updating with some random photos that I took while we went about in Manila and Cavite consecutively. Mom and I flew here for the weekend to be with the rest of the relatives that arrived in the city earlier this month. It's been a blast so far, bonding with cousins, singing karaoke till wee hours in the morning while our parents hit the night life, dancing like we owned the night, laughing our asses out, chilling by the pool, swimming and splashing all day until our hands got all wrinkly... it's been an amazing time. In the short while I've been here, my brothers and I put up with sleeping for less than 5 hours to make the most out of our stay. Besides, it's not everyday that we get to see one another for we all live in different countries, far from each other. We can sleep all we want when summer's over but right now, there's just no time for it. I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!

Cheers, Carla


  1. looks like a fun waterpark

  2. Aww it sounds like a really fun time!! I love that printed top, such a fun, funky print!! Great shots, I want to go to the waterpark now

  3. Your outfits are always so bright, colourful and positive!
    Thanks for making my day so much brighter =)

    Neon Green Bike

  4. It is a fun waterpark :) Great pics :)

  5. ooooo! I love the pink and orange together, beautiful beautiful

  6. lovely photos! love the pink and orange!

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  7. I love that summerish printed! I have a similar one, so that is why I love it <3

    Pretty pictures,

    see you!

  8. Looks like you've had a good time Carla! Love the bright colorblocked outfit you wore with the pink and orange combination ♥

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  9. i will definitely have to visit here soon! and you look pretty darn awesome!

  10. I love the first photo and I saw that bawal tumawid dito sign in MNL. So hilarious but true.


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