Pink Blooms

A random outfit. It rained that morning and I thought to bring out sunshine through my blooming top. It was also the perfect time to use this pair of cute rubber flats that I got from Manila, really for the purpose of wearing them under the rain. I wanted a casual outfit for the day, easy to move in. But Macau's weather as it is, the sun rose midday, and I was already out and about. There's not even a trace that can prove it showered when we took these photos. Oh well... it's pointless to go home and change outfits so...
Earlier I found some pretty flowers too, which matched the prints on my top. You see how they accentuate this post? (and the shots aren't even post-processed)

So onto my skirt - I'm not big on denim skirts, or any plain denim bottom for that matter (aside from high waist denim shorts which I lack thereof). You barely see me in jeans in this blog not because I don't own any... actually, I have a lot. They really just never look good on me. I had already decided to give most of my denim skirts away to my little cousins, except for this last piece which I had a change of heart as I packed them all. Probably because this has a special cut/shape. But then I left it back again in my closet to rot. A few days later, I feel guilty. What's the point of keeping it without using it right? It's not a collectible.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. I'll be starting classes tomorrow so wish me luck. A back-to-school outfit post is in plan but I'm not making any promises. Let's see.

On me://Top - H&M//Skirt - Stradivarius//Flats - Local Store in Manila//Bag - Pull&Bear//
-- Photos by Penguin --


  1. so cute!

  2. i'm loving your floral top! you look stunning!
    mind following each other? (just making friends ^_^) but if you don't, it's still ok, no problems hehe! (^v^)
    have a coloful and brilliant day!!

    greetings from~ ヽ(^。^)ノ

    (i only leave this comment of mine for those blogs i really like, so you are one of them ^___^ ~ hugs and kisses!)

  3. I really like the light denim skirt, I've been in love with light wash denim for quite sometime but it doesn't always love me lol

  4. Great look dear! Check out mine!


  5. Very cute floral top and skirt :) Love the color of your bag too <3

  6. Lovely top you got there! :-)


  7. So beautiful outfit! :))
    I love ur shoes :3

  8. Such an adorable look! The flats are super cute!
    I'm following your blog!

    S., The Hearabouts

  9. Love this look!I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

  10. Good luck with school and yeah, I never saw you wore jeans. I'm reminded that I seldom wore jeans on my blog too. I was a big fan of denim skirts, they were big in the 90's.

    Love the photos.

  11. I'm enjoying reading your point of view here in your posts.....I'm a new reader but will be back to check out more!

    Thank You.
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