Kiss my Little Lips

On me://Top - GV2, Local store//Shorts - H&M//Sunnies - Romwe, c/o Catsuit-Latex//Shoes -Vans//Bag - Thrifted//Hat - Local Store//

I'm ignoring my basic principles in dressing up and just going with whatever I feel like wearing these days. Style wise, I think my recent posts are very inconsistent. Tell me though, is it even important? I'm tired of analyzing my personal style so I leave it all for you to ponder on while I explore beyond my boundaries.

Onto the outfit, today I show to you this cute, lips-printed top - a recent purchase from a local store. My mom, aunt, and I went thrifting at Red Market two weeks ago and found ourselves in a little store which has "SALE ALL $39" written all over it (Macau currency, that is, read: cheap!). How can my heart not skip a beat in excitement, specially since they had really really cute and colorful pieces?! It's unfortunate that really, I'm broke right now, but still I managed to take home this cutie and a hi-lo dress, which I will share with you guys in another post. It's the peter pan collar that got to me, and immediately I knew I'd wear it first with a hat. And isn't it perfect timing that these sunglasses arrived soon after? I don't know if you haven't noticed  yet but I'm becoming obsessed with them.

On Penguin://Pants - Zara//Shirt - Cotton On//Cap - Gost//Vest - Local store//Watch - Everlast//

By the way, it's been a while since you've last seen Penguin on the blog. I took some snaps while he was busy texting, so I show you his OOTD. I tell you, either I acquire I vest like his soon, or I'll steal those from his closet! Haha.

-- Photos by Penguin and Yours Truly --


  1. amazing top!:)


    new post on:

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog :)

    I really like your top. It looks really cute! And don't get me started with your sunglasses! Very adorable indeed!! :)

    Definitely FOLLOWING you now! Would you mind following each other?:)

    -xoxo- FRANCES

  3. Gorgeous outfit hun!
    thanks for dropping by my blog. love your style. how would you like to follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin?

  4. awesome top ,
    i love it !

    followed you dear
    through gfc .

  5. This is such a cute casual look. I love the red, black, and white color scheme, and those leather shorts are killer!!

  6. nice look! love the sneaks! :)

  7. love this shirt <3
    you look adorable!
    City Laundry

  8. Oh, I love your shirt<3 Cute!

  9. That's a really cute top! And what a great price! I really like how you styled it!

    1. i know right, great price indeed. thank you dear! =)

  10. Don't analyze your style Carla, just wear whatever you feel like, and go with it! :)
    I love this adorable lip print top, the matching platformed sneakers are a perfect compliment to it. Plus, the Romwe sunnies! Haha, they fit your face wonderfully and look so cool :D

    Trendy Teal

    1. thanks so much Linda. your comments always mean a lot to me =)

  11. So cute!!!!

  12. ohhh yes! you two look so great:)

  13. you look so good, I can't even express how much I love it.

  14. your outfit is flawless. love the shirt so much. the print is amazing and the collar is super cute.
    I am in love with your shoes :)
    have a nice day ♥

  15. Lovely outfit and blog! I really like it!
    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :)
    Love, Melly

  16. its not inconsistent you're being so versatile :) You are so lovely :)

    Love what you're wearing <3

    Hope you can follow me too,


  17. WOW, you're so pretty Carla!
    I love how you dress too :))
    Awesome blog dear <3

  18. Looking so cute, Carla!! I really love this, look! Wore something similar and I have yet to post it! =)


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