on a grainy night

I was having double thoughts on sharing these photos with you guys because they were taken at night without proper lighting, hence grainy. But to heck with that. I decided I like them too much to be put to waste, so here they are.

In case you're wondering, the answer is no, it doesn't snow in Macau. I was surprised to see this part of the Venetian too, believe me. After window shopping at the Grand Canal shops, Penguin and I went looking for a spot to take photos for the usual outfit post when we came across this area right outside the main lobby. Like huh? What is going on out here???
... And then it started snowing! The wind blew mildly as we walked past people happily taking photos of one another. On the other end was a temporary rink where two girls were blithely clinging to each other. I positioned myself in the middle of a bridge ready for snaps and that's when I spotted the huge Christmas tree across the man made river... all lit up in blue lights; it's Christmas balls shining like bright stars in the dark sky. All the while, I realized what was making the atmosphere so welcoming and pleasant was the jazzy Christmas carols playing in the air. It hit me - this is what I've always imagined how a perfect Christmas setting would be! If only everything were real...

On me://Dress and Jacket - MPT//Boots - Zara//Bag - Lacoste//

Now don't be confused. These things were done intentionally for amusement... and they (the Venetian) succeeded anyway, for we were amused. But what made me happier is that, every year, I never really feel the Christmas spirit in Macau, not only until Christmas Eve/Day themselves. Obviously it has something to do with cultural issues, being a Chinese city with multiple cultural influences and all (despite being overly decorated every year). That night though, I felt it in the air. It was good =)

How about you guys? Do you feel the Christmas spirit already?

-- Photos by Penguin --


  1. I love Xmas time and your boots! *o*


  2. Perfect photos. I love your printed dress.
    It goes perfect with the leather.

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  3. I love this post. I love the lights, the christmas tree and also your outfit :)

  4. its very christmassy here in the Philippines!

  5. you look so pretty with your new haircut.
    nice outfit.
    well, i feel the Christmas spirit because it's really cold here in my place now and we already put some Christmas decors :)


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  6. I love these photos, and can't get over how awesome your haircut is. I love the leather jacket with this dress, such a pretty combination!!
    We have tons of snow and cold, but it definitely makes it feel like christmas, so I guess I can't complain!! A warm christmas would be bizarre to me!

  7. Wow the tree lights are so pretty!

  8. Yup, I'm starting to feel it alright. The radio stations are playing festive holiday songs and its been raining the past few days (hopefully it'll snow soon!)
    Glad you decided to share this look with us, the dress is so pretty!

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  9. I do love all your outfit and your photos are amazing *.*


  10. Love the outfit and the Christmas vibes in the photos! Keep being amazing ;)

  11. Yikes, I'm so glad you commented on my blog so that I could stumble across yours! Absolutely loooove your posts! Just followed you xx

  12. You are so stylish! i love this outfit so much! Could you please consider following each other? www.shineonbyandrea.blogspot.com

  13. What a lovely setting for your photos :) xx

  14. Paskong pasko na sa Pinas except sa bahay namin! Huhu. No decors, yet.

  15. So lovely photos & look, dear!:-)




  16. you look fabulous and photos are beautiful :)



  17. wow, cute rockin' short hair. Love. Love!

  18. thanks for yout comment! you are gorgeous !!
    New DIY:

  19. The outfits are awesome !!! Love them :*

    Did you take a look at my new post ? :)


  20. Pictures are too good specially the x mas tree and your outfit.


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