Black, Stars, and Stripes

On me://Sweater - Friendly//Shorts - H&M//Boots - Zara//Scarf - Black Shop//Bag - Lacoste//

My all-time favorite USA flag sweater returns! On the other hand, I'm in an all-black outfit again. This isn't bugging me though. I dress the way I feel when I wake up each morning and that's that. What's bugging me is the rainy weather! It's so difficult to choose what shoes to wear because I'd rather not ruin my basic pairs (they are investment pieces after all)... Do you have this dilemma or is it just me?

On another note, finals just started. Ugh, exams make me go nuts because I don't like the pressure, specially since I missed so many sessions in most of classes so my situation is a little shaky. The bright side is that I got through one of the two most difficult subjects today. The rest are workable... so just one more difficult subject to go. Work hasn't called me yet so I guess I'm not starting this week (I think a good thing?). But they did ask for my schedule so I'll just have to wait.

That's it for today! Cheers.

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  1. This is such an awesome look on you! Really want those shorts ahah.
    x Mariana |

  2. Wow you are looking so sassy..Looking superb <3

    Love from India

  3. Nice shorts!

  4. i like this look. the leather shorts with the booties :)

  5. cute jumper! and i love your leather shorts.. ;)


  6. Nice outfit, love your boots! ;)

  7. Fancy outfit, that sweater looks super comfy! ♥

  8. I adore this outfit, your sweater is so gorgeous and it goes so well with your shorts. I'm a huge fan of stockings and shorts, particularly when there is leather involved!

    Pretty Dresses in the Laundry (link)

  9. Love this one Carla. I'm tending to dress darker too, but I like how it looks!
    That patriotic sweater is amazing, and I love it with the leather shorts. So cool <3
    Good luck with finals, mine are going to start up next week! -_-

    Trendy Teal

  10. That sweater is the perfect remedy for winter cold/rainy blues. I'm loving that scarf, too!
    Maya F

  11. You have an amazing sense of style! Can anything good to choose, you look great!

  12. Aah I love the shorts and oh yea! I have the same problem with rainy weather...Gaah but you could use waterproof spray for your leather and suedes. I do that...Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment...There are loads of places in Sydney to get rad denim jackets :D

  13. such a fun look! cant follow u on my phone..doing it later for sure ;)


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