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 Life's been a little tough lately, time-wise... but even though I have to fit in going to classes for at least 7 hours per day, working for 6 hours afterwards, and then finding time to spend with Penguin and the family, blogging in between, running errands for mom, and party planning, I'm still alright (if you consider looking like a panda with dark cirlces around my eyes kind-of alright). I'm actually surprised with myself; I can't remember ever being this driven, and I even find time to play music. I'd have given up one or two which, more often than not, is my job, or else I'd skip classes. But then whow knows, it's only the beginning of the semester (though I should really say I'm proud).

Now Im going to report on the weather, after a long while. But alas! It doesn't feel like winter at all. What happened? I'd be caught dead if I wore a winter coat these days, although most people here won't agree with me. Today I wore a long-sleeved dress with a thin denim vest over, and it was enough. Yesterday I wore my basic boyfriend blazer over a thin shirt and a pair of skinnies, and they were more than enough. I just don't get it.  I mean, I'm equally happy that the other day I was able to take outdoor photos of my gorgeous Edressy dress without freezing my butt out, but I don't understand how other people are able to wear parkas and woolen coats when I feel that it is abnormally warm. Maybe my skin's got temperature detection problem, if that make any sense.

Anyway, it's almost weekend again. But like I mentioned previously, I don't look forward to weekends anymore, most specially this on. My gran and cousin are going back to the P.I. tomorrow and we're all a little heartbroken. I guess we've become used to their presence being here for over a month that we're going to have to adjust again when they've gone. Just hope they'll be able to visit again real soon.

-- Photos by Penguin and yours truly --


  1. Love that purple and Black dress ón You

  2. I wish I had that abnormally warm problem I'm freezing here in Michigan by the way I'm amazed by your work ethic motivates me to try harder myself and great outfit by the way!

  3. Holy crap! 7 hours of school PLUS 6 hours of work? 0_o And blogging and everything else? I don't know how you do it! You are superwoman!
    Haha, keep it up girl, your drive is inspiring <3
    Also, I know, its tough when family has to leave...but I'm sure they'll be able to visit again.

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  5. Wow that black and purple dress is amazing! =)

    I think I know how you feel - I, very often, am in that (driven) faze and feel like if I drop something it would be the end of the world... Now is time to do things, and probably this is the most energetic and enthusiastic I will ever be. I know everything will pay off later.

    And you do not look like panda at all! =)


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