Lazy Mixes

On me://Shirt - Romwe, c/l catsuit-latex//Skinny - Pull&Bear//Jacket - Mirror//Shoes - Zara//Watch - Casio//

What do you think of me opening up an online store? I've had this thought for a while now but haven't really entertained the idea of taking it seriously. Hmmm... feasible or not? Would you guys consider buying from me if I ever did anyway? Delight me, please. I wanna know your thoughts on this.

Anyway, this outfit sums up my uniform as of late - skinny, flats, a shirt, and a jacket (or blazer). Definitely not the most inspired combination but it makes sense for everyday when I have to attend classes, walk from here to there, and then head straight to work where I actually wear a uniform. There's no room for wearing heels and fancy things except on Sundays, ugh. I need to get out of this system, seriously. Routine-life is not for me.

-- Photos by Pierre Elma--


  1. Oh man, you and me are both in the same boat! I'm walking all day from class to class, with zumba and pilates fitted in between, so I have to dress practically the whole week. Then I work on weekends where I have to wear a uniform anyway. I kind of miss my wedges! :/
    Anyway, if this is your take on a lazy outfit, I wish I had as much motivation as you. Haha, you still make this combo look amazing Carla. The fur jacket, neon colored skinnies, and cool loafers make for an awesome, lazy look ;)

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  2. love that fur!
    and your shoes are rad!

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  3. Cute outfit and love the idea of starting your own Blog shop =) I will definitely be shopping there =)

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