Striking Blue

Outfit:// Dress and Jacket  - MPT//Shoes - Nike Dunk Sky Hi//Bag - Pull&Bear//Beanie - Gift from Penguin//

Eyebugs galore. But you guys know well I'm not a make-up biggie so I don't mind you seeing my face so bare. Besides, the focal point of this post is my beanie. You've seen it before! But I haven't told you the story behind. You see, a few weeks ago, Penguin and I have been discussing current winter trends and all the cool streetstyle stuff that we agree on. One of them is this beanie and that I told him I wanted to buy one but I couldn't find anywhere. Alas, the day after we got into a fight that lasted for at least a day or two. When we saw each other again, I was still mad at him. But you know what he had in hand? This very particular one! So cheeky! Ok, maybe it's a sweet peace offering, but I call it bribing. Sometimes I think he should be the one blogging, not I; he knows where to get the coolest stuff right when he needs them.

I'm currenty sitting in class while typing this post on my phone (yes,i'm that addicted or bored). It's one way to keep me up or amuse muself, really. But I consider this making the most out of my time since I'm forever busy. Soon though, things will payoff, at least I hope so. Anyway, need to sign off now and get my head back down to reality. See you in my mext post!

-- Photos by Pierre Elma


  1. Aw, how sweet! Haha, it may be bribing, but he did good, huh? I love this adorable beanie and seriously want one like it for myself now!
    Looking awesome as usual Carla, I love the dress and cool sneakers. I just went through with ordering some sneaker wedges for myself (finally!) :D I can't wait for them to get here!

    Trendy Teal

  2. Hello Carla! Nice to meet you! Your blog is great and your beanie is super original! Love it and love your sneakers! I'm your new fan!! Kisses


  3. So sweet =) and you look cute!

  4. Such a preppy look- the colour makes it so characteristic!

  5. Amazing outfit dear!!!

    Have a nice day :D
    The Spotted Cherry Pie

  6. Love that color~ You are adorable ;)


  7. Loving the electric blue color! :) Ganda mo girl :)


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