Among the red flowers

Outfit://Dress - H&M//Parka - MPT//Shoes - Pull & Bear//Bag - Bershka//

I'm back! Thank ya'll for sharing your concerns on my previous post and  I assure you, I've rested well enough since then. Although I have to say the weather isn't in favor with my current state because I'm allergic to humidity, and right now there's nothing but humid in the atmosphere so my allergies are in attack mode, making me sneeze and sniff all day. Talk about digusting.

This outfit was taken on a Sunday as per usual. But I had to work after mass so I didn't prep myself too much and wear high heels as I would do on any other Sundays. On days like these, I'm thankful to whoever decided that sneaker wedges should be a trend because they're such a lifesaver, fashionwise. I can always be on blog mode with these.

There's nothing really much going on with my life now except for the usual. I can rant about how I enjoy working even though it's tiring, or how bored and lazy I am with school right now, but I suppose it's nothing that would interest you all... same old story. So for now, I can only share this bit and some photos. Have a great week!


  1. Love your bag, nice outfit :)

  2. The boots look ├╝ber comfy!! I love your smile :))

    Farah ♥

  3. Ohh I love your hair style! your are so cute now!

  4. pretty red dress dear ^^
    kiss and happy day too

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    the simple life of rich people blog

  5. Not feeling well is the WORST! Feel better soon :)
    I love this outfit, the bright red dress is fantastic with the green jacket, such a great mix of casual and still really put together

  6. Oh no...allergic to humidity!?
    Ya know, next time I visit the Philippines, you should visit me in Baguio...hehe, practically no humidity in comparison to Manila :b
    Anyway, I know, whoever started the sneaker wedges trend - THANK YOU! I live in mine now.
    They're perfect for adding a sporty-casual appeal to any outfit - including this pretty red dress! :)

    Trendy Teal


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