Confidence Booster: Vedette

So I teamed up with Vedette again to give you guys an insightful review on their shapewears.   This is really a good opportunity for me to show you my other side because, obviously, I'm not a body-hugging-clothes-lover kind of girl. It's not that I don't like them because in fact I do have a few bodycon pieces that I love so much but don't really get to wear often. The reason is that I'm very body-conscious, especially in the middle section. Believe me, I've been trying hard to get rid of it, but admit it ya'll, not that easy, right? Well, what vedette shapewears give me is that little boost in confidence to be able to wear fitted clothings without worrying that I have bulges everywhere.

To show you proof, I took a picture of myself wearing a dress, first with a shapewear, and then again without. Now here's the "before" photo.

My chosen shapewear was Anastasia from Vedette's Extra Firm collection (Oh yeah, once you wear it, you can totally feel that extra tightness right around your belly). Usually, I'd go for a black piece because I'm more attracted to dark colors and well... I think it's sexier. But actually, it isn't always suitable for an innerwear if you're wearing a light colored top or dress... and since I'm wearing a yellow dress, I opted for nude. 

I have to point out what I like most about this one... it's easy to put on because of its hook-eye front closure. You all can imagine how tight a shapewear should be to keep things in tact so putting it on is a hard process (think about corsets the old fashioned way). But with a front closure, it's half less the effort.

Now here's the "after" photo, with me wearing the Anastasia shapewear underneath... my little secret.

Although I'm naturally curvy because I've got big thighs and hips, I think what the shapewear does is accentuate my waist and smoothen out my natural shape by eliminating the bulges. Not in a very obvious way too. As it is, the Anastasia shapewear is specifically designed to provide maximum control and to smooth midriff to waist. So it really makes me feel good. 

Here's a closer comparison of my "before" and "after" photos.

Outfit://Dress - H&M//Boots - Cotton On//Watch - Esprit//Shapewear - c/o Vedette//

Remember, if you're like me and you need a little confidence booster to be able to wear fitted clothes, visit vedette store here! Have a great week!


  1. Great post and you look stunning in yellow =D

  2. Daaaaaaaamn girrrrrl! ;)
    Lol looking good Carla! To be honest, I don't see that big of a difference between the before and after photos - you look fantastic with or without it! Although I know what you're talking about...the middle section bulge definitely makes me self conscious...I want to give Vedette a try now!

    Trendy Teal

  3. you have a great figure, love your outfit too :)

  4. Wonderful photos! This dress looks great on you :)

  5. This is definitely a different look from you and I love it!! I love the idea of something that just smoothes a bit of the bumps and lumps in the middle because that's usually why I stay away from body con too.
    Love this colour on you!

  6. Yellow looks amazing on you! Love the simplicity of the look. Thanks for the comment :) Following you now!


  7. love your dress!!

  8. Oh hunny, there's nothing wrong with the middle section of your body, with or without shapewears. ButI need to invest in this! You've got a great figure and you're rocking it. I think you need to wear body hugging clothes more often!

    P.S. wanna follow each other on bloglovin, etc?


    1. Awww thanks so much! I'm trying my best to incorporate fitted clothes more into my wardrobe! =)


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