New In - Mantle Boots by Pink and Pepper

So happy to finally receive the cutest gift from the wonderful girls at Pink & Pepper! (Thank you with tripple emoticon hearts!) They were supposed to be a Valentine's day present but alas, with me being in Macau and so far away from the world, received them a little late. Still, I can't get over how pretty and versatile these booties are; super comfortable too! I already took them out for a walk right on the day I had my hands on them... and yes, was able to shoot! So stay tuned as I will show you my full outfit on my next post.

By the way, can I just say that I love the whole Pink & Pepper vibe? I can totally relate to  the girls and their story; they are style rebels, never afraid of a little experimentation, and always ready to reinvent their look. Sometimes they're edgy, and sometimes they're chic... I mean, if my style is anything, it's their thing. Totally inlove with these girls. Wanna know who is Pink & Pepper? Check them out here.



  1. Very cute boots! I love suede :) It looks so comfortable and I love it's simple print ❤

  2. Holy cute! Love these so much!

  3. Love the detail on the boots.

  4. Hey darling! Great blog! Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know on my blog, I`d love it!

  5. Omgsh, the perfect boots with some tribal print trim?
    I love them *_*
    Can't wait to see the outfit post Carla!

    Trendy Teal

  6. they are sooo adorable. love the print :)


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