Flying Eyeballs

Outfit://Tee - Pull & Bear//Skirt - Romwe, c/o catsuit-latex//Jacket - Gap//Bag - Nine West//Shoes - c/o sammydress//Watch - Casio//Necklace - Natkiel//

Isn't this skirt the wackiest? I'm not one to like peculiar prints on clothes but strangely, this one I liked. It has a cartoon-ish look to it that doesn't make it too out-there vulgar. And of course the denim addiction is still at hand, toning down the whole outfit for a school appropriate look. But what I think  made the whole outfit is not the skirt, rather the collar necklace. I'm just starting to see the importance of proper accessorizing because often you'll find me wearing plains. Sure, I throw in prints here and there, but my outfit formula when considering prints is to put in just one kind at a time. Case in point. The thing is, I'd rather mix and match textures and various colors, but not prints (which, come to think of it, I think I should). But my point is, the perfect statement bracelet or statement necklace can totally add pizzazz to an outfit in an instant.

On another note,  allow me to do a little shameless plugging for Fashion Buzz, a website that I find really interesting and noteworthy. But it's even more significant now because I am officially a contributor, yay! (See contributor profiles here
Well, nothing big or anything... it's very similar to what tidal labs does (fashion click, neighborhoodies, lucky,etc.). But unlike the latter where I had to apply and get approved, Fashion Buzz contacted me directly, which means I really have to try and create sensible articles/posts. I think that it's also a wonderful opportunity to extend my blog's viewership. Soooo, if you guys have time, do visit the site and check out the articles, the videos (I personally recommend), and my articles.

That's it for tonight!


  1. Wow that skirt is so unique and fun, love the outfit! Also love the gold collar necklace, loots fab from head to toe. :)

    xo Haylee

  2. I absolutely love wacky prints, so I am realllly digging this one!! It's perfect with the denim jacket and this pretty blouse. Great combination!!

  3. Ahh so amazing, Ilovee everything here :)

  4. You look so lovely this outfit is gorgee, just love that skirt I cant believe the print I mean who thought a few distressed eyeballs with wings would make the coolest print on a skirt aha and I also love the collar necklace I literally Live in them and totally agree when you say statement accs can make a look! xox

  5. Love your whole outfit, such a cute skirt! X

  6. Your skirt is soo sick! I love your entire outfit! (:

    fashionlei styled

  7. Firstly, congrats on the new contributing position! I will for sure check out your articles :)
    Secondly, flying eyeballs as a print? *_* Its amazing! I love the denim jacket to tone it down. Also, you're so right, jewelry is what completes an outfit.
    Aww, and glad you enjoyed my post about boys. Haha, your reaction is exactly what I hoped to evoke!

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  8. You're stunning! Love the necklace!

  9. Dammnnnnn I am so jealous of your style!

  10. Hello darling!!
    Have to say that your blog is so original and a good inspiration, I really like your last post :)
    Come to my blog and give your opinion, i really appreciate it:

  11. I must agree, statement necklaces and bracelets really do change an outfit! I have been buying a lot more accessories these days haha! Love the denim jacket you have on!

  12. Nice outfit, and such a unique skirt! ♥ xo

  13. oh you look adorable :) nice skirt!

  14. gorgeous outfit!!


  15. What a Great Outfit! The Skirt rules! Would be awesome If you‘d take a look at my Blog too - would love to keep in touch with you! Maybe you like to follow each other!?

    Lots of Love, Kyra

  16. Cute outfit! You're so pretty! xoxo :*

  17. Whoa! That is such an awesome pattern! It has a weird mix of cute and creepy. What do you think? Love it!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  18. This is probably the best skirt ever! Love it! the gold collar necklace is perfect with it and im obsessing over those beauties on your feet.
    Thanks for stopping by, im loving your blog!


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