Outfit://Top and blazer - MPT//Shorts and bag - Bershka//Shoes - Pull & Bear//Sunnies - Romwe, c/o catsuit-latex//

The weather had me fooled today, how pesky! I woke up this morning and the sun was shining bright. Really promising. But when Penguin and I met after lunch and wearing only minimal clothing, I had to shiver! Suddenly, the sun was replaced with strong winds and a dull sky. It's always unbelievable how bipolar Macau's weather is, and even though I know that for a fact, I'm still never used to it. Ugh. But... on the positive side, I was able to do a bit of shopping and relaxing today. Bought two skirts and a pair of stretchy pants which I'll show you guys some other time in a separate post.

I'm having the most relaxing weekend right now, which felt like I haven't had so in a long time. Although Penguin and I regularly see each other since he picks me up from work almost everyday and we have casual lunches and these 10-minute outfit shoots, I kinda missed our usual Saturdays when we just hung out, watched movies, ordered food, or checked out cool stuff online, or at our favorite local stores. Since I started working, I had to sacrifice most of that because my free time is then limited. Most Saturdays I have to work 8 hours because it's almost the only day of the week that I can do so... and they pay me by the hour, so of course, the more hours I work, the more I earn. I'm just lucky he's super understanding with our whole situation, and that we're able to work things out. Of course, it's bound to get worse soon, because surely in a few months time we'll both have full time jobs. But I don't worry about that now. Not just yet.

Besides shopping, today we also did something else that we don't normally do... and guess what it is! - We watched live boxing! It was my first time so bear with me. He had to convince me to go. But what I find funny is that I think I actually loved it!  I was never interested in the sport. You know how people are so crazy about Manny Pacquiao and his fights, all that stuff. There's always a big fuss about it, and even Penguin who's not that crazy about Pacman yet raves about his skills. I'm a Filipino, but for me, it was not something that I paid attention to. But after tonight, I think I understand why people go nuts. The crowd was just wild, so much that I got caught up and had to start cheering and shouting too.

Penguin used to tell me that although he isn't a big fan of boxing, Manny's upcoming fight is definitely worth watching and mustn't be missed. I just brush him off, laughing. But I take that back. I think I'd be first to buy tickets if his match ever happens in Macau.

Well that's about my Saturday, loves. Now tell me about yours. How's your weekend going? Hope you're having a relaxing time as I am. Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend, you look beautiful! X

  2. Wauw You Cut Your hair?:) it looks great !! Cute outfit
    Visit my blog :)

  3. Will you never cease to inspire me? I love the lace shorts, color combo of blue and yellow, and awesome sneaker wedges! Plus, those sunnies? Too. Cool. Just like you ;)
    And sounds like the perfect weekend Carla! I crave lazies days...haha, they're too rare! Also, I saw your Instagram pics of this - and its so awesome you went. I bet it was exciting :)
    Thanks for the lovely, thoughtful comment on my last post. Meant a lot <3

    Trendy Teal

  4. Nice look, the colors look great on you :) And those sunnies are so fun! Love the look of them ♥ xo

  5. Love the yellow and blue!

  6. What a fun thing to do! I've never been to anything like that, and I would really like to go to that sometime
    I loooove these lacey shorts, so perfect with the pops of bright colours. Gorgeous look!

  7. That's a really great outfit! Love the yellow and blue together!
    And I can totally understand about the job situation, because I am working a part time job. So I have to work 4x a week, + I am full time University student and I cannot see my boyfriend as much as I want to either! :/

  8. lovely weekend with colorful outfit ! ❤

  9. Lovely outfit! Those lace shorts are so pretty and I love your sunglasses. Seems like you had a really fun weekend :)

  10. i super love this look, especilly the colors in it! perfect match!


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