Transitional Outfit

Outfit://Top - H&M//Jacket - MPT//Skinny and bag - Bershka//Shoes - Pull & Bear//

My affiliation with the weather has obviously become a love/hate relationship. I've already welcomed spring many times in my previous posts but it obviously never stayed. And yet  today seems to be another rather promising day, with the sun up, and fresh wind blowing; looking like the perfect start to a good week ahead. I won't get my hopes up though, the weather always fails me.

There's nothing much to report, besides that I have a tight schedule this week with school and work. But nothing that I can't handle, and of course nothing that would hinder me from blogging. As always, I wish you a great week!

P.S. In case you noticed that I've been wearing the same bag over and over in my recent posts, well, it's not actually my day bag, Too small for that. This bag is actually my camera case (read about it here). I choose not to leave it out because it looks good with almost any outfit, unlike mos of my day bags =)


  1. Ah man, I know, looks like this weather is letting us down across continents. It was so nice last week, and now its gusting and so sharply cold again...ugh!
    Anyway, I love this transitional outfit - that floral print tank is the cutest <3
    Also, I know, I feel bad this giveaways only for US residents >_<

    Trendy Teal

  2. super in love with your outfit ❤
    love your shoes too!

  3. We still have so much snow, I cannot wait for it to be spring! I am ready for it!
    Love this floral top, so pretty with the cardigan, perfect balance for a transitional look

  4. Aww, I can totally relate! The weather in my city is so bipolar, still snowing! I love your top, it's gorgeous. You look so adorable :)

    P.S. thanks for stopping by my blog, wanna follow each other on fb?


  5. I love this outfit! It is definitely a perfect transition look and these photos are so good!


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