Staycation at the Sheraton Grand Macau

Part 1 of my epic weekend! So like I said previously, my parents checked-in at the Sheraton to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Nothing special, but for those of you who are not from Macau, well let me tell you a little bit about the hotel-party culture on a side note. See, Macau is a tourism destination best known for casinos. Fact is, the hotel industry is just secondary, and having only a very small total population where majority work at both, everyone's got a connection somewhere. With that, checking in at a 5 star hotel for no apparent reason has become rather a commodity than a luxury because its readily available and affordable; suite-parties, weekend overnights, and checking in just to go swimming at a well-known hotel swimming pool has become generally common than not. So when I say nothing special, its not really because the occasion isn't special; it's just that people do it all the time. Don't get me wrong though, even if it seems repetitive, checking in at hotels will always be something that I look forward to, for the most part is because I love lounging by the pool; there's something about hotel swimming pools that make me feel so relaxed and at ease. I can stay there for hours and hours. And weird as it may be, I love hotel bathrooms. If I ever have my own house one day, I'll be sure to have a bathroom that looks like a hotel bathroom.

Anyway back to the point. So as expected, my brothers and I tagged along to make use of the facilities. My folks can't say no to that so their anniversary is, really, a family bonding time. The thing is, I only booked a standard room for them. But remember what I said about connections and all? Well let's reveal it. I work at the Sheraton and I happen to know people from the Front Office =) So of course, with the staff discount plus free upgrades and specialties, thanks to a friend over at the check in counter who gave the access, my family got to enjoy the extra curricular services for a minimal price. Talk about real value for money.

It's a little sad that I had to leave them for the night because I already made plans with my friends ahead of time before all this happened. My mom asked me to book the room at last minute and I couldn't back out with my previous engagement anymore. Bummer. But at least, I did manage to be with them for a while; didn't put my bikini to waste as I got to swim with my brothers, snap some shots, and got to take a long shower before heading to Hong Kong with the girls. It was a short boding fun. When I got back, they told me all about the fun things I missed, which made my heart melt a little. But I'm happy they enjoyed their stay, and in fact are planning to do it again sometime soon if time permits. This time I can't miss anything, ha!

Well, that's about the first part, and as promised, I took these photos to delight you all. I wish you had a great weekend like I did! And stay tuned for part 2!


  1. That is definitely one sweet deal you got Carla! It's all about connections, isn't it?
    Too bad you had to miss out on a lot, but at least you had some family bonding time before you left.

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  2. Happy wedding anniversary to your parents. Looks like you had a great time.
    Love the photos. So cute <3


  3. Happy anniv to your family carla! :) that hotel bathroom is really nice. my bathroom atm has no tub so i really want one for bubble baths!

  4. Happy Anniversary to your parents! That looks like a nice hotel...I love hotels! xoxo

  5. Happy Aniversary dear Carla! It looks really great you had to enjoy it :)

    1. it's my parents', not mine, but thank you!

  6. Happy wedding anniversary to your parents Carla.
    Thanks for visiting my page. Following you now, hope you'll follow back. :)


  7. The suite is so luxurious and really chic, thanks for explaining the hotel-party culture, I love learning more about these types of things. Congrats to your parents!

  8. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    Nothing beats a hotel stay even if it's just in the two star travellodge :) that bath looks awesome!

  9. awesome pics,looks like fun!


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