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Yep, another Vedette post! As excited as I was to show you guys what they sent me again, this post is way overdue because I haven't had time to work on this, and for that I'm really really sorry. Been busy with the moving and classes and work and all. But no more excuses... better late than never right? So let me being by introducing my new intimate wear: Lilian!

Lilian is a hip hugger shapewear. Basically it works on your midriffs, back, and hips. But personally, I think it is, by far, the most comfortable piece they've ever sent me. The reason is that has cotton inner lining and because it doesn't feature a hook-and-eye closure, like the others. It's plain and is made out of a really soft spandex material which makes it easier for me to move around. But most importantly, I think it really accentuates my waist and allows me to have that sort-of hourglass shape. Of course I'm biased on my own, which is why I have the "before" and "after" photos so that you could see for yourselves and decide ---  click click click below to view!

So far, this piece has to be my favorite and would probably the one that I'd use more often. Other than that, there's nothing more I can say, cause if you're a follower of this blog for a while now, then you already know that Vedette is my little secret =)

To share my secret, check Vedette Store now! Click here to visit the site. Now I leave you with a closer look of the "before" and "after" photos.




  1. great effect !! and beautiful dress :D
    what about follow each other?
    let me know :)
    have a nice day!

  2. love the dress
    followed you

    Thanks for dropping by

    Keep in touch
    Danica Stark

  3. I still have to tell you...I think you look great, even without the Vedette shapewear. But the touch of sleekness it adds is definitely enviable. I'd love to have something like that in my armory! ;)

    Trendy Teal


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