Sock it up

Outfit://Top - Zara//Skirt and socks - Local Store//Bag, sunnies, and shoes - Cotton On//

Thanks to Zara, I can finally put on hold my lust over the leopard-esque Kenzo SS13 Collection. While the pieces I want, particularly the skater-like skirt, cap, and sneakers from the Vans collaboration are not available at the Kenzo stores here, I'm settling for this tee as the closest alternative until I'm able to get my hands on the real goodies. Besides, it's Zara and it's on sale, which makes for a great shopping deal. But my camera doesn't do much justice because in reality, the peach, almost orange and teal colors are bolder and brighter. I can already imagine wearing it carelessly with anything because it's a statement on its own and need not much styling to be thought about.

Anyway, July is just around the corner but even so I'm still pinning for the days to come by quicker. My family's got something special planned for next weekend which begins the excitement, and the weekend after is when I'll be leaving for the long-awaited vacation. Isn't that something to be thrilled about? Right now my mind is already on holiday mode and I honestly don't know how I'll be able to focus on working for the rest of the days while I think about the things I'll be packing, what clothes I'll be bringing, and what I'll be doing while away. Let's just hope I don't mentally breakdown.


  1. love this outfit! you look amazingg!!!!

  2. Great outfit, I really love that top! You look fantastic ♥

  3. Weeheee! Cool post. You got really cool pics and a stunning style! I love your zara top and your shoes. Don't feel hesitate to visit my blog. Anyway, I have followed you on bloglovin' dear and now waiting for your turn, will you? thank you :)

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  4. It's Zara and it's on there's no better excuse! I love this cute tee, the colors are wowza! Also, love the sock and sandal wedges you rocked. I've always wanted to try this look :)

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  5. absolutely love how you rock these socks in the sandals!!:) so cool!
    lots of love xx

  6. Adorable look! Love the skirt!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  7. Love this outfit!! The tee is awesome and the ssandals with socks are too cool!!
    Kisses darling

    Alicia & SofĂ­a

  8. You´re so pretty Carla! I don´t have to say that your look is great because we all see it but I´d to like to highlight how perfectly you´ve combined sunglasses and your top, really well done :)


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