Love on top

Outfit://Top - Romwe, c/o catsuit-latex//Vest - Thrifted Vintage//Shorts - Pull & Bear//Bag - Bershka//Sunnies - H&M//Shoes - Local Store//

It's nice to look at things from a different perspective once in a while. Much like putting yourself at the top of a high building, and upon looking down/around you start to appreciate things you've never taken notice of previously. Penguin and I decided to spend one afternoon at his apartment building's rooftop to watch the sunset at the fall of dusk. And, while we're at it, took to admire the beautiful things that surround the little neighborhood we live in. From across the building, we see below an old man tending to his pet turtles, the oddest and most curious thing to see. Further below is the long-lived jockey club that was once a big entertainment source to old Macau folks; I could never bear to walk pass by from below because of the obnoxious smell of the horses and feces. And then there's the view from afar of what made Macau a city that it's known for; humongous complexes in the reclaimed area known as Cotai, housing most of the well-known hotels and casinos. From above, it's all a spectacular sight.

But there's nothing more compelling in summer days than to bask in the glaring sun, and then slowly watch as it disappear from the horizon. In an instant, everything is transformed. Lights start to turn on from every household and what beauty you see during the day is    emphasized by the gleaming nightlights. Even the dullest looking skyscrapers come to life.

It's a rare thing but I wish I'm able to look at things from another perspective more often. I think it's really a great way to appreciate everything that I have around.


  1. What a spectacular view! Love this location girl, I wish we had one where I live.
    I like the simple statement top and your cute sunnies.

    Trendy Teal

  2. love the view and the outfit is so cute!


  3. I love the location of these photos!!! Absolutely gorgeous. And I love the heart tee with those mustard shorts, great combination :)

  4. That is such an amazing view and I love the heart t-shirt! :)

  5. Love the whole outfit. So rock and chic :)

    Kisses xx ♥

  6. Super cute look!!
    Wanna follow each other?? Please check out my blog and let me know :)

  7. Nice :)
    Please visit me and follow :)

  8. Wow, what for a nice post... deep! Yes, you are right, when we look at things through another angle, things turn to be different and many times even amazing! I loved the pictures! Loved the top!

  9. the view is simply breathtaking, I love the outfit and the pop of colours


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