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Outfit://Blazer - c/o sheinside//Shorts - Pull & Bear//Tee - Cotton On//Shoes - Local Store//Bag- Nessa//

This for sure: living in a place close to China (or almost part of it, itself), one can always find the cheapest alternatives to otherwise expensive, labelled trends from local stores. Case in point: this Celine-ish bag from Nessa, and this Coltrane-ish boots. To me, that's rather an advantage, whether they'd be called fakes or replicas. Though for me, I stand up for the latter because there's a difference, and that is, replicas don't contain the brand name; just a mere copy of a specific design, whereas the fakes imitate every bit, including brand names, which most often than not, are spelled wrongly, and are made to pass off as an original. Anyway, no further explanation necessary so let's leave it at that. I was just eager to buy a pair of everyday boots for the coming fall, and a new day bag, and by luck I came across these. 

Not much photos to show you all tonight as I haven't had time to do anything else but work. This shift rotation is definitely starting to take it's toll on me and I'm finding hard to do anything else anymore as of late. Fingers crossed for things to be better soon. I can hardly wait for my next day off and payday. Oh well.


  1. Oh wow, I love this outfit! The shoes are absolutely amazing and special. Black & white with a hint of rose, such a cool idea!

  2. oh my gooood shooooes <3 stunning!

  3. the boots are killers ,,,

    *(Goodbye summer) i have an outfit already posted on my blog come by and see it to get inspired more

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  4. I used to live in China before and I know so well about things you said :P
    but anyway, you still look cool and the boots is awesome! have a good day, Clara!


  5. Such a cute pink blazer, I like it on you! :)

    Away From The Blue

  6. Such a cool outfit you got there! :) ♥

  7. Hahahaha, living close to China certainly must have its benefits! Loooove the bag and your cut out boots. I want a pair of shoes like this so bad

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Good luck with work! This outfit is super lovely, I really like everything about it.

  9. so chic ^^

  10. Babe, I agree with you 100 %! I love it when I get knock-offs! Why the heck would I pay 1000+ dollars for something if I can get it for 50. I'm buying the idea, the shape, not the name of the brand. And guess what, I just ordered those exact shoes on eBay!!!:)


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