Plains and florals

Ditched the sneakers and decided to wear back regular flats instead. This feels more right now, wearing collared shirts and donning over-the-shoulder blazer, what with the weather finally starting to cool off; winds blowing and the sun is barely up in the sky. The only downside to that is has again become rather difficult to take outfit photos. But I won't make a fuss about it so no worries. And as it is, I thought it nice to touch back on my androgynous side and wear something both feminine and masculine at the same time. Not only is it weather appropriate but if you know me well, you should see it fit since my personality is that bipolar.

Anyway, I'm keeping this post short as to be honest, my brain isn't functioning and  I can't think of anything else to share with you guys right now. Working the morning shift brings out the worst in me, you know. I get cranky and a little empty headed. But I'll make it up to you guys soon. So cheers!

Outfit://Shirt - Romwe, c/o Catsuit-Latex//Skinny and bag - MPT//Blazer and Flats - H&M//


  1. Ah, I love your top and neon shoes :)

    Kisses ♥

  2. your shirt is really beautiful!

  3. I know the feeling of being brain dead, midterms are driving me nuuuts right now.
    LOVE this top, such a funky pattern and colour

  4. such a lovely top <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  5. beautiful top! its simple and so chic!

  6. Love how you rocked this tropical print blouse!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. I sometimes wish it would rain so I could wear my tights but it's also difficult to take outfit shots when it rains.


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