Modern Samurai

Penguin was teasing me with this jacket saying that it looked like one of those that Japanese samurais wore. Well, it is somewhat a kimono after all. I mean besides, "Modern Samurai" make up for a good post title, so why not?

Anyway, I'm in a chirpy mode; came to work to find the whole lobby already decorated for the holiday season and I suddenly felt excited. I've always loved Christmas and when I feel it in the air, I feel all joyful and lively. So even if we're full house today with lots of people roaming around because of the upcoming Pacqiuao and Rios Match, I'm not so grumpy and impatient at all.

Speaking of, anyone of you a fan of boxing? I'm not much of at all. But with all the hype and talks of the "biggest fight of the year, I think I'm infected. It doesn't help either that since the match is nearing in, lots of important people are showing up; celebrities and politicians here and there... I mean, like, Paris Hilton and the Beckhams just checked earlier today. Say what? It's like, should I watch the fight for the fight itself or to see who are those people going? Either way, should be worth it. But alas! I'm not watching. Wasn't able to purchase the cheapest ticket available as they sold out fast, while the rest are way too expensive for my liking. So I guess I'll just wait until I can see it on TV. And as for the celebs, well, I work in a hotel right? There's got to be a way for me to see some anyhow. Until I do. Cheers!

Outfit://Jumpsuit - MPT//Kimono Jacket - Forever21//Boots - Zara//Bag - MPT//


  1. I get soooooo excited when I start to see holiday decorations. Someone on our street already put up their lights and my kids get so annoyed with me because every time I drive by it I just yell "CHRISTMAAAAAAS!!!!" LOL I love your jacket! It is very modern kimono!

  2. wow! Love your pants and boots. And yeah, the festive season is amazing.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  3. That jacket is gorgeous = I love that you make harem pants look so chic =)

  4. Whatever it is, you look fabulous wearing it, so there's that. You just wear things that I never would and look stunning and make me want to wear them. ;)

    hehehe, Me and my co-worker have been playing Christmas tunes at naptime for the kiddos since November 1. Bring it on!


  5. Oh man, this is one AWESOME modern samurai jacket :)
    I love it! You always make everything work so perfectly for you. The harem style pants are fantastic on you too

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