Basking in the beautiful sunshine of early Christmas Eve morning. 

... And as promised, here's my Christmas outfit. Told you I have an affinity for wearing sparkly/shimmery things on special occasions. But honestly this time, I couldn't decide whether I looked dapper or more like a 5-star restaurant server (not that it's a bad thing). I mean, Penguin's dad thought this was my work uniform, and I happen to work at a hotel; my little brother, on the other hand, thought I was wearing a Playboy Bunny costume... say what?! Well I might have as well worn bunny ears. But it doesn't matter. I still stand by this outfit, costume-ish or not. I'll just leave you all to decide for yourselves and let me know what you think.

On another note, how was your Christmas celebration, darlings? I had the most perfect Christmas Eve spent with my family; we went to mass early in the evening (yes, in this outfit still), just before the usual noche buena at home, a la thanksgiving. Mom ordered turkey while tita prepared the rest of the goodies for our little home feast. And of course I made dessert - all time favorite chocolate flavored cupcakes (which you've all seen on my previous post). I do wish the rest of our relatives in the Philippines were here with us, like they were last year. But I'm thankful that at least our family is complete - having them around is more than enough. 

Anyway enough about mine... tell me about yours!

Outfit://Shirt - G2000//Blazer - Zara//Skirt - Romwe, c/o Catsuit-latex//Boots - Forever21//Shawl - Mirror//Bag - Nessa//Necklace - Natkiel//


  1. You look adorable and perfect for a holiday celebration, I think! I don't think you look like a server or a Playboy bunny (whaaaaat????). I love that little necklace--it makes it so much more fun! Great shoes too!

  2. This outfit is FA-BU-LOUS! From the shawl to the blazer to the skirt - such a beautiful festive outfit, that look would be perfect to ring in the new year's with :)

  3. aahhh so cute!
    Love this unusual look!
    visit mine and tell me what you think about my last post ;)

    ­­Wulan Wu on

  4. you look very cute, I love the blazer we spent our Christmas celebrations in pretty similar ways, surrounded by family and food is always a great way to celebrate, happy holidays!
    Deejay's Poetry Challenge
    She Has The Eye

  5. This blazer is AMAZING, i am in love with not only the shimmer but the cut of it as well. It looks so perfect with the skort too.
    Sounds like an amazing Christmas!! Happy Holidays!

  6. Love this, black and gold are so perfect together! XO

  7. Oooh, love your choice in skirt from Romwe! They're the best - although I'm worried my American sized hips would not fit :P Haha, anyway, sounds like a lovely Christmas for you! So glad :) Here's to an even better New Year!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. The blazer is just perfect! I love it paired with the skirt. You look great!

  9. What a great Christmas look. It's perfect for New Year's as well. If you're like most of us and are looking for ways to save money after some big holiday spending, check out Dorco. We're a shaving company and we provide razors that cost up to 70% less than leading brands. Read what others think about our products and see our prices for yourself at Thanks for sharing this look with us, and have a Happy New Year!


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