Pulling off a Maxi

[Tee and Skirt : Forever21][Jacket : Black Moss][Bag : Nessa][Shoes : Pull & Bear]

So here's a revelation - I can actually pull off a maxi skirt! Not that I haven't tried before but I guess I never found the right length (no, not even this and this) nor color, until this perfect piece came along. The sheer bit and long side slit totally sold it to me, despite having doubts whether or not it is a good investment when I saw it hanging at the Forever 21 sale rack. But who says it isn't if it's already on sale? So I followed my instinct, went ahead and bought it. Well, no regrets because since then I've already worn it three times in a row and still loving it.

It's funny how I used to say I'll never be able to wear certain things in the past, like denim jeans, cropped tops, maxis... and then eventually eat my own words becasue all it takes is a little bravery and self-acceptance. I'm short and chubby, so what? Doesn't make me any less entitled to wear what I want, including a maxi. In the same way, it doesn't make taller and slimmer people any more privileged than the rest of us (although it does seem like so most of the time). So new life creed? Never say never. You never know what you're missing until you try for yourself. =)

Happy Weekend!


  1. I remember shying away from skinny jeans for the longest time. Then, after getting the perfect pair, I pretty much started to live in them. It certainly is a funny revelation to find a piece that you swear off only to find yourself loving it.

    Your maxi is gorgeous. I like how you toned it down with a leather jacket and sneakers.

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  2. How to pull off a maxi:
    be gorgeous like Carla.
    the end. ;)



  3. Nooo, never say never! So glad you found the perfect maxi skirt :) This one's a beauty, just like you. Love the tough leather jacket with it!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. always perfect dear
    happy week end

  5. In love with skirt, I wanna a perfect one too ;) XOXO


  6. I am OBSESSED with this maxi skirt, love it on you. It looks great with that top and the leather jacket.

  7. I like the new life saying!:D Never say never!:D & you are not chubby at all!! You're lovely and fit:D
    I'm glad to know that you've found the perfect maxi skirt!:D I love the skirt; it just looks so good on you!:D

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