Weekend Visuals // The Peak

[Sweater : Bershka][Skirt, necklace, and bag : Cotton On][Boots : Dr. Martens]

At the mention of day-off, I'm already out with my bag in tow ready to take the ferry for a day trip to Hong Kong. It would have been a little excursion like any other, if not having spent it with Penguin's family who were as excited as I was to play tourist for a day last Sunday. And so for the first time ever, in my extensive forays into exploring the city, I finally got to see the prominent Victoria's Peak

Yes, siree!

We took the peak tram on the way up, to which I have to say that it wasn't a pleasant experience. For one, I'm a very impatient person, particularly in queues; and two, trams move too slow for my liking. As it so happens, you'll have to wait in a long line to purchase tram tickets, and then wait again to get into it. What did I expect, right? It was a tourist attraction after all. But as soon as the ride's over, the wait pays off once you're greeted by clear blue skies and a majestic view of the city skyline. This, to me, is the real reason to be up there in the first place - not the shopping, not even Madame Tussaud's House of Wax - just the view. Beautiful, magnificent view.

So we spent the whole morning taking photos like any other "tourists" would, up and down the peak Galleria, sampling gelatos, and having a fat-full lunch before heading back downtown to do the usual. Of course, the usual only means one thing: shopping. 

And that I did.

But I'll tell you more about that on a separate post because in fact, this particular day didn't pass fully iPhone undocumented (see instagram feed). And so I've plenty more photos to share. But for now, I leave you with these.



  1. Nice photos! I love the view from the Peak! :)


  2. You've got me craving some fast food and gelato stat. The view from the top looks breathtaking! Love the red skirt on you :)


  3. Grate look I love all details! And go for that tight skirt!

  4. Thank you so much for your comment!
    You deserve so much more success! I have been eyeing your blog for a year now and you put so much effort into it and the quality of your posts are very professional. You are an inspirational person with a very personal style!


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