Leather Weather

[Top : Pull & Bear][Skort :  c/o Romwe][Bag : MPT][Sunnies :  c/o Romwe][Heels : Steve Madden]

As the heat sets in, I'm a little ecstatic. Just a little. For the time being, I'm able to wear whatevers and whichevers in my closet without thinking too much; bare legs and arms or cover up as I please. It's pure sartorial effortlessness. What only impedes me from having an otherwise perfect regimen, and worry of what would be when summer inevitably lands (to wear a bikini for that matter), is the excess flabs around my middle section and arms. Oops...

Blame it on the desserts - obsessive baking and sweet-indulging for the past week. Not to mention over-eating during the cold ber-months where I'm guilty as charged for having done so excessively. But to my defense, who doesn't? I take solace in the fact that it is a universal notion, people gain weight in winter. And so I settle. 

Though seriously, I need to tone up. But while I do, here's what I learned in covering up the mess: 

Texture and Structure.

They have the power to deceit onlookers because somehow, and mostly what I love about them, is that they don't cling to your body as far as material is concerned. No unwanted creased and bulges here and there. Do you see why neoprene is emerging trend king? As is with leather, given the right trim. No matter how simple, you can count on the texture hide away your little insecurities. That or provide the necessary edge as I dress up in this perfect transient weather. The only question left is... what shall I wear then when the weather gets blazin'?

Indeed, something to ponder. But for now, I'm appease.


  1. You look nice as always c: Great leather top
    and great blue skort c: Xx

  2. Psshhhaw. I think you look fabulous, but if you want to work out, then you work out, lady. Whatever makes you feel sexy :D

    oh, and, um, the outfit is nice too. ;)



  3. Pff, what flab!?!?!? Lol seriously, you look just fine.
    Although that's what I love about fashion - the ability to camouflage. I absolute love this edgy top and your cool skort!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Cool look! It's so edgy and I think that your red lips put everything together:)
    xo Olivia

  5. You look great. I love your shorts. Great tips on texture and structure of clothing, I so agree with that.


  6. Wow! The weather of transition is mostly cool. Love what you are wearing. Those shoes look so cool.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  7. Good thing your top is sleeveless or else you'll be sweating buckets!

    VernaBytes | style blog by Verna Abril


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