Plains and Prints

[Blazer : Pull & Bear][Shoes : C/O Pink and Pepper][Skirt : MPT][Tee : H&M][Bag : MPT]

Those of you who trail me on instagram might have already taken a glimpse of this quite-ladylike gettup I wore the day before yesterday, and here is the full photo set - the glorious result of selfie shamelessness. Apparently taking photos of one's self (and I don't mean arms stretched out front, smartphone in hand) out in the open is addicting. Never mind the prying eyes of passers-by and the awkward stares from workers at the nearby construction site - surely they have never seen someone strike idiotic poses in front of a camera attached to a tripod. At least I'm not being scandalous so go ahead and watch; I'm happy to bring amusement. 

On this particular afternoon, it was all but sunny, and as much as I hate to admit, Macau is indeed having a grey relapse, as Chezka puts it. But there is no way I'm going down that rut again. Instead of sulking, I pretended I was headed somewhere significant and dressed the part. 

For this I can always count on a well-fitted blazer and a flouncy skirt to give me that city girl-esque chicness without overdoing. As it so happens, these I'm wearing from my wardrobe are the current quintessential pieces of their kind. Add a pair of lace-up peep toe sandal-boots and what can't be considered a more fail-proof outfit to conquer dullness than that?

I'll leave you to decide while I prep for another selfie-session. 



  1. Selfieeeeees haha, they're so addictive. Especially when you're having a good day ;)
    Anyway, love the city girl chicness you evoke. Also, I want those shoes <3 <3 <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Having taken my own blog pictures in public for three years now, I can relate. I am much happier when people just keep their amusement and confusion to themselves, but I do admit that the interaction I've had with strangers re same over the years has been quite interesting and, so far, unmatched in entertainment. I love this look. The shorts are great!

  3. These selfies are amazing. I am going to try taking my own pics soon since my photographer might not be available :)
    Love those cute shorts. You look amazing!

  4. Love your shoes and skirt, you look great! kisses

  5. This skirt is great and it looks gorgeous with this boots and blazer! Really stylish outfit!

  6. I love the pattern on your skirt beautifully styled

  7. Love this look, I'm sure the worker were entertained lol ( the struggle is real).

  8. what a lovely skirt!

  9. Gosh, you are more bold than I. I am so self-conscious (ironic since I blog about outfits) so when people start staring, I immediately feel myself shut down and turn red. haha. Love your look.

  10. Loove how you paired this wonderful skirt with everything. The pattern is just fab! :) Where are you there - is it a zoo or something? Very nice!
    Rathana xx

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog too! really appreciate it. This place is actually just something like a park down my apartment building. lots of greens, isn't it? =)

  11. Hi dear!! I really enjoy your blog, its SO COOL!!
    Your style is so perfect :)
    Come to see my new post: THE SPACE BETWEEN

  12. Loving your shots! What camera and lens do you use? :)

  13. A well fitted blazer is a must. This looks awesome!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  14. Fantastic look, I love the blazer with the short skirt so much, and also the shoes are so cute! You always have so amazing looks, you're such and inspiration to me ♥

  15. I'm in love with your shorts! The print is so brilliant! And your shoes are fab too <3

  16. Love the shoes and the "big" shorts! <3

  17. I'd want to do that (posing publicly) too, but I'm too shy! Wish I had your guts, Carla! Haha! You are looking fab as always! xx


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