Sunday Funday

[Dress : MPT][Shirt : Bershka][Sunnies : Mango]

A quick hello to you all while I work the graveyard shift. Nothing new in that, I know, boo-hoo! But what I would really like to say is that in fact my inverted days seem to be doing me good - at least this time, for real. Not that Penguin being away for a few days make it better but there's time to kill, you know? And so I've taken authority back in our kitchen and started baking again. Obsessively, if I might add - if I could just get those macaron shells to stay put and puff...


But I'm optimistic. And to which I'd also like to say that if any of you guys have any good tips on French Macaron making 101, by all means do share.

Incidentally, I had the most wonderful weekend at the beach with the fam-bam. About time we went too! It's not as if ours was the best looking beach but who's to complain if the weather's just right and everybody's mood is happy as a bunny. Besides, it was Easter Sunday, and as Dad would have it, Easter is the most important week in the Catholic church. Well then, all the more reason to celebrate!

Here was my chance to wear this colorful printed dress that has been hanging in my closet since the dark days of winter. And as the day couldn't pass without being documented, I made my little brother snap these shots about. He's a good sport - didn't need much bribery. After that, it was all about eating barbeques and basking underneath the glorious sun. 

Anyway, what were you guys up to during the weekend? Talk to me now. =)


  1. I've never made Macarons, so I don't have any tips but I do LOOOOOVE to bake. My daughter and I do it together all the time. I find it very therapeutic. I love your pretty dress! Your brother is a pretty good shot with the camera!

  2. Love your dress, your brother did a such a great job taking these photos. Your such a good writer, I always enjoying reading your posts. Good luck with the macarons!

  3. Love this maxi dress. I have worked night shifts as well. There are pros and cons. But not that bad at all.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  4. OOoooh love this hippie maxi dress! Sounds like the perfect getaway to the beach. Hope you had a lovely Easter!
    Haha, and I have yet to try a macaroon...sigh.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. love your maxi dress!!!!
    new post on my blog, I'll wait on, let me know if you like it!
    a lot of kisses!
    Like a clown

  6. Hi! I´m a new follower in the blog :)
    Love your look, the photos are amazing ;)

  7. i have no tips for the macaroons because I have never baked them but I think it would be a great post showing how you do it! : )
    Anyway, that dress is very nice!

  8. The dress is super cute! And I can't bake at all, but I feel your struggle.
    x Justina //

  9. love your dress! lookin so effortless! i love it!

  10. Gorgeous maxi skirt and i loveeee your short hair! Amazing pictures dear!

  11. Before I talk about your outfit, let me just say that I loveeee your hairstyle! You look so cute and stunning! Anyways, I love your ensemble as well. That print on your dress is a definite showstopper <3

  12. the print of the maxi dress is so pretty. and love the denim top you wore with it. beach with the family sounds like an awesome way to spend the day :)

  13. Lovely dress! Such a wonderful outfit!

  14. This is so cute and fun! I love your dress :)

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