Afternoon in Bophut

Photos by Pierre Elma and yours truly

As previously mentioned, Penguin and I were invited to spend a weekend in Koh Samui for a wedding. Taking this an opportunity to give ourselves some pamper and quality time, we flew in two days earlier to do the touristy things and unwind. Ultimately we found ourselves roaming around the Bophut area on our first afternoon out, particularly in Fisherman's Village which is this whole strip of full of bars, restaurants, souvenir stores, and massage parlors perfectly situated along the beach. 

Upon entering we were immediately greeted by street hawkers selling noodle soup and banana roti. I took it upon myself to devour as many nutella-banana roti as I could because that was what I specifically missed the last time we were in Bangkok. And I did, which is probably why I'm still bloated since. 

Curiously we walked around, tasted bits of other delicacies, and sat for a few minutes of doctor fish spa. Then at night, we sat at one of the restaurants overlooking the sea to watch the sunset (which didn't really set at that very spot however the horizon looked just as beautiful as it would have turning orange-pinkish) while sipping cocktails and savoring every moment til it lasted. Completely satisfying.

Note to you guys - most bars and restaurant's in the village offer happy hour from early on until 9PM or so, which is pretty good since everything is expensive in this not-so-little island compared to Bangkok. However, Bophut itself is decent yet quiet. If your scene is more upbeat and prefer noise, better head to Chaweng or Lamai.


  1. wow! this place looks amazing, and your hair is so fun and gorgeous!!! I love all of the pictures :) if you ever get a chance would love for you to come and take a peek :) XO-M

  2. This look like a place to be...I enjoy my quiet time, so I'm sure I'd like it:) The photos are really lovely and you got me interested about the food<3

    I do like your outfits, there is a vintage feel to shorts that is just fabulous.

    thank you for your visit


  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa...hold up. Nutella-banana roti???
    Where are the pictures of this magicalness?? 0_o
    Hahaha, sounds like a great visit you two had, and I love the acid washed shorts you're sporting

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Gorgeous pictures, looks amazing!
    Check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other? Hope to hear from you!


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