BTS with Shloka Jewels

Photos by Pierre Elma
[Dress : MPT][Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell][Jewelries : Shloka Jewels]

The more I try to induce myself into building a network within the local fashion industry, the more I come to realize that there's a greater pool of talent in Hong Kong way beyond my knowledge. Is it something in their food? Or is it perhaps a hand-me-down cultural, behavioral, or way-of-thinking by the British that people here, young and old, persist to get what they want in multiple ways possible. And what I learned is that they do it as a collectively-envisioned creatives. Synergy, in business terms. Collaboration is how we call it.

About two weeks ago, I was pinching myself for being actually on set with a fine jewelry label by the name of Shloka. It's downright exciting, especially if you get to work with an amazingly spirited photographer and the label's designer herself. If that isn't enough to make a blogger giddy, just take a look at the luscious greens and blossoming flowers for a backdrop then - you know we're constantly location-scouting. That, the blue sky, and the 800 USD worth 18 karat gold earrings that I'm wearing.

Indeed, the result is far greater for Shloka than little miss me. But the way I see it, if you love what you do, for fun, and there's a fresh new experience involved, it's always a win-win. Bonus for having met new people in the process.

In that regard, the lovely Prerna and Chandni says hi. If you want to respond, Prerna can be reached here, and Chandni can be reached here. And if you want to reach me, you know you can always leave me a note down below, drop an email or mention on instagram. But I do hope you liked these BTS photos shot by Penguin. And if isn't enough, we'll have the editorial up here soon, so stay tuned!


  1. You look absolutely stunning!:) The cut and color of the dress is working miracles on you!
    Congrats on the photoshoot, that place looks breathtaking:)

    ❤ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession


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