Photos by Pierre Elma

[Jacket : Cotton On][Bag : Nessa][Everything else : Forever 21]

It's evident that regardless of how humid and foggy Macau has been these days, Spring has sprung. And by all means, I'm not ready - I still want to wear my coats! Sadly, it's nearly impossible. 

Not to depart just yet from being all covered up, I took to jumpsuits and lighter jacket options. This cobalt piece in particular has been sitting in my closet since beginning of fall last year but surprisingly, I never got to wear it until now. I think it's the fact that I see it as a party-wear instead of a day-time wear given that it's quite long for my petite frame and that it require heels to be worn with. But thinking otherwise, I thought to dress it down with flats even though t doesn't appeal as chic as it does worn with heels (let's leave that for another outfit post). Tossed in a hat and voila, ready to go!


  1. perfect blue outfit, it suits you nicely..


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  2. You look beautiful in blue color. Thanks for sharing!
    Kiss kiss ♥
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  3. I have a very similar jumpsuit to that in red! Haha and yes, I view it as a night time piece. The last time I wore it was for my 21st birthday xD I really want to wear it again though just because it's so gorgeous and I love it. I'll have to try pairing it with flats and see how it goes!
    Love the cobalt blue shade on you, especially with your striking hair. Great outfit Carla :D

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