Modern Prep

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Overalls : Vintage][Shoes : Velvet, Zalora HK][Coat : Sheinside][Tee : Bershka]

Apologies for my short absence from this corner of cyberspace but I seem to have gotten a bit caught up with my social affairs that I almost forgot I run a blog. Ha! Of course, I jest. How in the world can I forget about this?

It's just been a whirlwind week of juggling work and my social life, the better of which was spent having drinks and catching up with friends, pondering about life and other nonsense, being the stage girlfriend by watching Penguin's band play at SOHO nights, and stalking the cast of Now You See Me 2 while they filmed in the old streets of Macau (Yes, I got to see Dave Franco in the flesh. Drool), I mean, whoever invented the 24-hour system got it all wrong because clearly, that, comprising up of a day is unarguably not enough.

That said, I hope you have not forgotten about me yet as much as I haven't forgotten about this overdue outfit post that I so promised to share with you all over Instagram. I'm badly hating on this humid but I take it as an opportunity to wear coats while still possible before our so-called winter is over and spring finally comes in full swing. 

This burgundy coat's a closet favorite because of its versatility. It's decent enough for office , casual enough for a day-time stroll, and also cool enough to be worn for afterwork drinks with friends at a bar. I'm wearing it out for all its worth. Agree or not, let me know!



  1. Glad you've been "fun busy" and I love this pretty, preppy look! The gingham jumper is so cute!

  2. Hell yes, wear it out as much as you can!
    Haha, I love this coat - the color, the drape, the texture...mmmm, I want it in my closet...
    Glad to see you back in cyberspace Carla! Real life socializing is certainly satisfying though, haha, glad you've been having fun :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Nice coat!

  4. Beautiful minimalistic look! Love it :)

  5. Lovely outfit, I like the coat :)

  6. you gorgeous girl <3 I really love your stylish outfit <3


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