Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Anna Rose][Skirt : Forever 21][Hat : H&M][Shoes : Topshop][Clutch : MCM]

One of the things I like going about in Hong Kong on foot is being able to find these intriguing spaces and alleyways. Curiosity gets the best out of me that I usually find myself dragging Penguin with me to climb whatever stairs to see what's atop or beyond. We were on our way to see the "Wipe Out" exhibition by the French artist Invader at PMQ when we came across this weave of staircases. Old, rusty, and dirty. It would not have been appealing had it not been for the paint colour and the street art allover the walls. I'm quite a sucker for street art which we don't have so much in Macau so you can see where my fancy is coming from. We took a good few minutes before finally continuing our way to PMQ.

Sartorially speaking, I threw on a comfortable neoprene on neoprene ensemble for the day. And of course since I knew we would do a lot of walking, a pair of slip ons to do  the trick.  Finished off with my new favourite exploring hat and clutch for good measure. Ready for the rest of the day.

On another note, I may not be able to update in time as I'm headed to Manila for a short vacation this weekend and I have no plans to bring the laptop along so please forgive me in advance. But of course there's be photos to share when I get back, and I will keep you all updated on my adventures over instagram and snapchat (username : misscarlaviolet) so do follow along. See you in Manila soon!


  1. Nice:)) xx
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  2. What a breathtaking place! You look great.

  3. The location has so much personality. I love it! Your outfit match it very well.

    Jessica |

  4. The location is so cool and you look so pretty :)

  5. Yay, can't wait to see me some vacation photos! :D I love the places you pick for photos, the staircases are kick ass, I really need to find better places to shoot some outfits. The same park iscenery s getting old!

  6. The pop of pink is amazing. Love the art work. Do have fun on your vacation.


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