Photos by John Gabriel

[Culottes : Anna Rose][Heels : Forever 21][Tee : Monki][Bag : Michael Kors][Sunnies : Sunnies Studios]

Just a quick one for tonight. I can't be any more obvious in the fact that I'm so into culottes at the moment. They're just so comfy. I've already gained my money's worth for having worn this particular pair multiple times since acquisition two weeks ago. I'm just obsessed like that. 

These were taken a week back; what I wore to lunch with the family to celebrate Fathers' Day. I had my brother snap me about but silly me forgot to charge the camera's battery the night before. As a result, I only have these few images from the test shots to share with you all. I can't get picky with photos these days as the weather's been temperamental per usual. An hour it rains and the next its sunny, and that goes on repeat. You're lucky enough to catch a good few minutes of the sun shining let alone shoot. Least these still turned out ok.

Anyway, that's pretty much about it for now. Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I love these pair and like how you styled it :) Gorgeous <3

    Have a nice day! :)


  2. Wait, these are culottes!? I thought they were a midi skirt at first. Haha, they are certainly a chic trend you're rocking Carla!

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