California Vibes

Photos by Chezka Cenon

[Top : from Chatuchkak Market, Bangkok][Skirt : Sheinside][Sunnies : Sunnies Studios][Flats : Something Borrowed, Zalora]

Chezka and I have taken a liking to this particular area somewhere near our office; the little cafe at the corner which, even though the service suck big time, we find the al fresco seating rather breezy and relaxing. It's one the places we've started going to for lunch breaks and coffee before doing the mandatory outfit shoots. I took to instagram on this particular day and posted a photo of the palm-like trees and clear blue sky above it, to which I got a comment saying at first look it was like California. Well, that makes up for my post title. Though I've never been to Cali, I've always imagined it would look something like this; always with the perfect weather, palm trees and blue skies above them.

Outfit-wise, thankfully I had on something appropriate for the weather because if you see what I've been wearing to work lately, you'd think I'm in the wrong part of the world right now (think Australia). This skirt is one of my favourites in terms of fit and length. As you can imagine most full circle skirts I've tried on are either too tight on the waist, or to short in length which makes me look shorter unless I wear heels. This one's just perfect as I can wear it with flats and still look proportioned. Paired it with this trusty tie-dye top, and grabbed a denim jacket to sling over my shoulder for the cool-girl effect (but of course it really functions as a cover up for myself when the air condition gets too cold in the office).

Anyway it's the weekend again and as much as I'd like for time to slow down a little bit, I'm also excited to just chill out at home and have some me-time. Haven't really done that in a while so I think I should. No plans, no parties, no gatherings. Just me, myself, and I.

What about you - any plans for the weekend?


  1. Haha I was about to say this look was far too ladylike and dressy to suit the typical Cali style, but the clear skies and palm trees are spot on for West Coast vibes! Love it :)

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  2. I love your necklace very much, love your awesome outfit as well, you look gorgeous, thank you for sharing!!!




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