Play it down

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Sheinside][Culottes : Anna Rose][Sunnies : Shanghai Tang][Slip Ons - Topshop][Bag : Nessa]

The more I discover my personal style and master dressing up in the most effortless kind of casual meets cool, the more I have come to embrace the essence of flat shoes. Loafers, ballets, slip-ons, trainers... they've all become key staples in my day to day ensembles that I can barely last a day in high heels. Not that I've completely lost my balance but the way I feel about fashion is that it shouldn't always translate to high heels. 

This is why I'm particularly into normcore and sports luxe which were were big trends last year. I like that I'm able to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and still be considered stylish. Jumping onto the bandwagon I've garnered quite a collection of sneakers that I'm still very much fond of, including some of my lucky finds - the Air Jordan 4 Green Glow, the rare black and red colorway Nike Sky Dunk High, and my go-to pair of classic slip-ons which are worn here with a supposedly sensual top played down with wide culottes. They're so versatile they go with anything and everything.

Now, totally obsessed with growing said collection I'm eyeing the coolest pairs from  Zalora's collection of Nikes to find my next pick up; somewhere in the lines of Roshe or perhaps Flyknit Racer. I mean I guess anything as long as I get my hands on a new pair. What do you think - are you this fond of flat shoes or sneakers as much as I am? Let me know down below.



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