When it rains

Photos by Chezka Cenon

[Top : Anap Japan][Boots : Something Borrowed][Skinnies : H&M][Coat : Forever 21][Bag : Steve Madden]

Happy weekend ya'll. Just a quick outfit post reflecting today's mood and weather. It's so dull and gloomy out here. I can only wish that all this rain means fall is on its way but then in Macau you can never tell. I guess at least I've a reason to stay in on a Saturday because I haven't been spending a lot of time at home this past week. Besides work being a time consumer, I took to catch up on my social life doing unexpected meet ups with friends and whatnot. So days just flew by without me stopping for just a minute to breathe. Hustle, right?

Anyway on another note, I can't get enough of low-heeled pointy ankle boots at the moment. They're so rad. I wonder how I survived without a pair in my closet in my whole blogging period until recently because clearly these babies get me. Besides slip-on sneakers and pointy flats, these are now my new favorite type of shoes. Proclaimed. I just bought a pair in black from I.T. which you will have seen on instagram already and am so determined to acquire a few more pairs in time for my trip this fall. What do you think?


  1. love the fierce combo of top and shoes~!

    insta: myblondegal

  2. I honestly love ankle boots because they are so comfortable to wear! Great choice.


  3. I love the ankle boots :)


  4. This look is so fierce, I love the necklace and he edge the boots add to this look.
    Princess Audu


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