Exploring Versailles

One of the many magical moments Penguin and I experienced in France is when we went exploring around the gardens of  Versailles - the most opulent gardens I have ever seen in my entire life. The word gardens don't event cut it. It's a whole estate, the way I see it. I can just imagine the old days when one would take a visit from one palace to another; a carriage is absolutely mandatory.

It took Penguin and I over 2 hours to explore a quarter of the garden on a bike, and nearly 3 hours of wandering around from the grand palace up to the lake on foot. But that doesn't even come close to us rounding the whole area. It's ginormous! The entire gardens stretch from the meticulously manicured lawns surrounding fountains and sculptures, to the lush greeneries across the lake. Trust me, it can get pretty tiring if yo attempted to see every corner of it.

But of course not complaining. I mean come on, how many times in my life can I say that I got to ride a bike around Marie Antoinette's estate, right? That's what I had in my mind the whole time, and so I relished every second of it.

Photos by Pierre Elma and yours truly


  1. Stunning photos! Love your outfit too! I can't tell from the photo, are you petting the geese? They let you touch them? That's cool!

    Kara Aragon


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