I just wrapped up one of the biggest events that I've ever coordinated and that almost drove me crazy which is why, despite the remaining paperworks and exhaustion, I cannot be any more relieved that it's now over. Finally I will have time again to be on the radar and focus again on more important things like this blog. Ha!

That being said, here sharing with you another set of visuals from Europe, this time from Milan and the magnificent Duomo di Milano, where the view from below looking at the facade of the church itself is just as beautiful as from above when you climb up to its terraces. I couldn't help but think how much work it took to build this church up without modern equipments because of the intricacy of its architecture. It's simply fascinating.

Then of course right next to the cathedral is the luxury shopping haven Galleria de Vittorio Emanuele II, where most tourists do high-end shopping. Not that Penguin and I are designer-whores but we literally went nuts about how much more affordable it is to buy designer labels in Milan, or Europe for that matter, than all other countries that we've been to. You can bet we didn't go home without at least one thing in hand.

I got a sense that Milan is a small city, and unless you came here to shop, there's really not much to see. But it's beautiful, regardless. And I would definitely come back to shop any day if I had money for it.

Photos by Pierre Elma


  1. Milano looks absolutely beautiful. These are really stunning shots, kudos to Pierre:D & you look fantastic in blue.

    Have a happy new year!

    ♥ Charms | à la Charms

  2. good post! like you blog!


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