Vatican City

I'm finally back in my freezing dear little Macau. Hate to admit it but I start to appreciate this city a lot more now that I haven't been here for longer than a week straight since Penguin and I left for Europe in October. Coming home is now more of a privilege than really merely coming home. Anyway, as the saying goes, there's no place like home and I couldn't agree any more. Here's to hoping I can stay longer this time around, at least until after Chinese New Year. That should be good enough.

Anyway. Back to Europe. Here's another set from our stay in Italy where we spent one whole day exploring the little country within Rome, Vatican City. Being able to visit this place is just surreal, for the most part because Penguin and I are Roman Catholics; it feels great to be able to see a lot of the things we were taught in church in various forms; some remains, sculptures, or some kind of artwork. We went into St. Peter's Basilica, toured the underground chambers and the burial place of popes; the museums and galleries; and of course the sistine chapel where you can find the most remarkable hand-painted ceiling ever which I call the epitome of high renaissance art. Just divine.

Then of course some more mandatory gelato session with Penguin. What else when in Italy, right?

Photos by Pierre Elma


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