Buis les Baronnies

Let's take a step back to when I was blonde and breathing in the cold winds of sunny Southern France. The forgotten imageries that I planned to show you back then just reminded me of how fast time flew by without me noticing the entirety of it. I like to think that I don't dwell on past events but in fact I do, specially when I'm reminded by the thousands of photos that Penguin and I have accumulated from our past experiences, be it travelling or whatnot. It doesn't help that I'm still lonesome in Manila. Suddenly I have the urge to book a flight back to Macau here and now, and then another to somewhere far off  to get me out of my misery (actually, I already have). But then again, all I can do is reminisce. For now.

Visiting Provence was one of the best decisions Penguin and I made on planning our trip to Europe. But of course we couldn't have done that so without my amazing long-time friend, Maya Marechal and her beau, Lenaic, who went out of their ways to make sure we had the best time. Maya, if you're reading this, merci beacoup!

I've long wanted to see a vineyard in France and this was all I'd been saying from the moment we arrived in Avignon where Maya and Lenaic picked us up from the train station, and in the car ride to Buis les Baronnies. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when three hours later, we found ourselves in the middle of a vineyard, frolicking under the golden hour, savouring freshly handpicked grapes straight out of the vines. And that was just the first day.

We went on to visit the little town centre where Lenaic's mom owned a jewelry store, then climbed up the hills overlooking the whole of Buis; then as dusk set in, we headed back to their intimate abode for a nice raclette dinner. For someone who loves cheese, this traditional French cuisine is bomb. Penguin and I have yet but are planning to do this in Macau very very soon because we both just couldn't get enough of it.

The remaining days were spent visiting nearby towns and villages which you can read about Vaison la Romaine here, and Gordes here. I'll be sharing another set from Avignon, and Lyon very soon so stay tuned.

But while we're still  in the topic of travel backlogs, allow me to share my travel video which I shared in my recently resurrected youtube channel from our time in Italy - Milan and Rome to be exact. If you like it, I'm blatantly inviting you to subscribe!

Photos by Pierre Elma, Maya Marechal, and yours truly


  1. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing :)

    Camille xo


  2. amazing these pictures ;)
    If you have time, check it out my new post:

  3. So beautiful pictures !!

  4. Amazing view and great shots!!! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  5. Looks so nice and relaxing! I wish I had headphone so I can hear the sound on the video!

    Heba xx | The Heba

  6. wow the scenery is gorgeous!!



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