Mermaids Are For Real

Let me tell you a little secret. I'm a mermaid. I can swim for hours and live by the ocean so I can transform into my human form during the day and to my mermaid form by night. There's a whole community of us, as a matter of fact, and I'll tell you where you might be able to find the rest.

While our kind have been in hiding for centuries, our generation is more enthusiastic on revealing ourselves to the rest of the world. I'm one of the kind, which is why I've joined the cult of modern-day mermaids, calling ourselves merbabes. Wanna see the rest of the cult members? See here

We've not only established a community, but the queen of all socially adept mermaids opened a store for merbabes and wanna be merbabes. Go on a take a look at all the funky merchandise there is in the merbabe store. I assure you, you'll believe me when I say "yes darlings, mermaids are for real".

Photos by John Gabriel

[Top : Merbabe Store][Culottes : Zalora, "Use code "BAP2ONK"  for discount][Boots : Kurt Geiger][Jacket : Forever 21]


  1. You always look so sassy - love the shells (hehe) xx

  2. Aaaaah girl I love your style so much, this top is fab!

  3. Cutie shell top! Great blog you have, stay inspired!


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary


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