Highs and Lows

Hello beautiful people! Checking in from Manila with a quick outfit post for tonight as I'm currently running on 2 hours sleep from last night having stayed up until dusk working my ass off. And so today I'm lightheaded AF and my brain isn't functioning properly anymore. The only reason I'm still up and running is because Penguin arrives in Manila from Paris tonight and I can't wait to see him. He's the only person that can take my troubles away so I'm pretty sure I'll more awake when I finally pick him up from the airport. Chezka and Leon are flying in tonight too. We'll be attending our dear friend's wedding tomorrow so it's going to be a fun weekend. Hopefully work doesn't call for me at anytime of the day so I can at least get a day's rest. But let's save tomorrow's activity for another post.

Meanwhile, here's an outfit that I wore a few weekends back when Penguin and I decided to siesta by the Sala Pool at Sheraton. It was a warm, sunny, day, perfect time to lay by the pool or dip in. As it was, I took to combining breezy pieces for an easy but cool summer look. Accessorised with my new favourite sunnies and a half bun to complete the look.

Anyway I'll try to take a quick nap now before I head over to the airport. Catch you guys next time!

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Lash][Culottes : GV2][Loafers : Zara][Bag : Tommy Hilfiger][Sunnies : Forever 21]


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