Pink Lemonade

Summer in the city's got me dressing in colours that I'd want to drink. Pink Lemonade, anyone?

The heat is unbearable these days and all I want to wear are barely theres or breezy, billowy pieces. This top is all of the above while equally pretty and flattering which makes me think whether I should get a few more in other shades. I'm thinking white, nude, olive, and possibly baby blue for a whole week's worth of uniform. What do you think?

I kid. But then why not.

To achieve that cool girl vibe that I'm always all for, I accessorised with a bandana wearing it as a choker, which I'm so into these days; trusty sunglasses, and a camel coloured fedora hat for an extra summer feel.

Penguin and I played tourists again last weekend and this time, we went exploring the little alleys of Taipa Village. It's not like it's our first but every time we come by, I still always find myself in awe with what's left of the Portuguese colonial houses in the area; the pretty pastel walls, and instagramable corners.

We wandered off early on a Saturday morning which is ideal for taking photos as this area tends to get crowded with tourists flocking allover the place. Most of the little shops and cafes are still closed for business but we can already through back doors and windows that they were getting ready for the day ahead; it's a curious site.

If you must know, Taipa Village houses some of the best local restaurants and cafes that Macau boasts about; Antonio's, O Santos, Dumbo, A Petisqueira to name a few. So if you ever find yourself in my charming city, I recommend a short visit to this area.


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top and Sunnies : Forever 21][Hat : Stradivarius][Skinnies : H&M][Brogues : Zara][Bag : MCM]


  1. What a beautiful top.


  2. As soon as I saw the cover photo of the post I fell in love. The top is gorgeous in color and shape and you styled it so well!

    Have a wonderful day, xx

    My Vogue Style |

  3. Love this look! Your shoes are fabulous!


    Tamara -

  4. Beauty Carla!!!


  5. Love how you used the the bandanna as a choker, so creative.

  6. This top is just gorgeous on you! love the color too!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

  7. love your funky sassy style! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  8. Love this look! You look stunning babe! <3

  9. Wow! i have no words how much I like this outfit!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  10. I am soooo in love with this one Carla! That pink top with the soft pink wall in the background is just so PERFECT. And then the bandana choker? You're too cool <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
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  11. I LOVE this top! The open back is gorgeous. You styled it perfectly with the neck scarf and hat as well. :)


    Looks by Lau

  12. Amazing outfit, all perfectly match, I love it, you look stunning, thanks for sharing!!!


  13. I love your top!! And the background goes really well with your cool outfit. :)

  14. I know what u mean, during summer when the Temperature goes up all u want to do is put on a barely there outfit ...after comfort is the first priority during summer season... In love with the sleeve of the crop, this is a very relaxing look!
    Love how u wore ur bandana as ur choker....u look fashion forward!
    I would love if u stop by at my blog!


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