Summer Blues + Manila VLOG

Hello beautiful people! I know it's weekend yet again whenever I type away in this corner of cyberspace. Well, either I'm up late at night or that, it's a Saturday. So how did your week go since we last talked (well I typed and you read so to speak)? Mine was quite uneventful though perhaps a little more relaxed than usual. I spent half of yesterday browsing stuff online, adding and deleting items to and from my cart in various online retail stores, couldn't decide whether I should really buy or not because I know I'm only doing it because I'm bored. But I also caved. Got myself a few streetwear goodies and I can't wait to show them to you guys. I'm actually planning to do a haul video on that so wait for it, I'll have it up on my youtube channel as soon as they arrive!

Speaking of youtube, I have a new travel vlog post up there, but it's a little more personal. I was finally able to finish gathering and editing the clips from my last Manila trip and this time, I compiled them to produce a vlog entry from when we went to my childhood friend, Cristina's wedding. Go see for yourselves, darling, it's embedded at the end of this post or you can just click right here. You'll get to meet some of my most valuable, long-time friends in the video!

As for today's look, well, this is something I sort of just put together in an attempt to layer under this heat. It's really rather hard to style outfits these days when all you can think about as soon as you leave your house is how hot and humid it is out, and how you'd rather be in teeny, tiny, tops and shorts, and flip flops to combat the weather with. Days like these, you just gotta experiment and make it work. And so I tried.

Took out my most breathable plain white tee and a slinky cami, layered them, and picked a trusty skirt to go with it. No outfit can ever go wrong with this dusty baby blue skirt because it's just too pretty. Of course, accessorised with a bandana as a choker because this is so my thing these days, I'm like literally obsessed with them (to a point that I bought bandanas in different colours, see here and here), and the comfiest brogues that I also kind of live in these days. Voila!

Did I nail it or fail miserably? I'll leave that up for you guys to decide.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Tee : Pull & Bear][Camisole and skirt: H&M][Brogues : Zara][Sunnies : Sunnies Studios]


  1. I love your outfit and style


  2. nice look..


  3. I love seeing bloggers rocking the bandana as a choker and utilising things we already have in our wardrobes, I have a very colourful scarf from Zara that I wear that exact same way.

  4. Love the layering. Kinda reminds me of Kourtney Kardashian’s style. You’re right about the skirt too, look awesome!


  5. This is absolutely perfect combo, I love your adorable outfit, you look gorgeous, thanks for sharing!!!


  6. Love this outfit, love the skirt and how you wear the bandana as a choker.Obsessed Fashion Blog

  7. ah, so obsessed with this look! I love how you layered your top.

  8. Love this look! The 90's inspiration is everything!

    Aurelie |


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