Okay, let's pretend that I'm purposely staying off the social media grid for some much needed break. I'm not. But I have a long list of valid excuses, most essentially because I am typing this post away in the middle of the sea on a not so fancy cruise without a stable network, specially at night, working almost nonstop. And so as much as I'd like to be connected, it's just really hard.

That being said, here's a recent backlog of outfit photos that I had intended to share with ya'll some few days ago, featuring this Gosha tee that I recently acquired. There's a story behind this purchase actually. So you know how streetwear pieces, specially those that are from brands with so much hype, i.e. Supreme, are hard to come by, right? Well, Penguin and I came across some Palace Skateboard items hanging on one rack from one of favourite high-street brand retailer. Our initial thoughts were of course to buy at least a piece. I mean, come on, that's our chance right there and they very had limited stocks, and when I say limited, I mean one stock per style per size. So you can imagine how glad I was that the classic logo tee in grey in size S was still available. I was all over it, had it in my hands, declared it mine. But of course, I had to make sure I'd be able to pay for it because, one, I didn't expect to actually buy anything from the store that day; and two, the tee cost way more than what I would normally pay for a tee. And so I took to my debit card. While I had to go to my online bank account to check my card's activation status (because we were in Hong Kong so it had to be activated for use outside of Macau), I put it back on the rack. And almost immediately, somebody from behind me, this skinny-ass douche just took the very piece that I wanted, went straight for the fitting room, tried it, got out, and paid for it. All the while, not believe what just happened. I literally just put it back for a second. I mean, he knew I was eyeing it, that I was gunna go for it, but just completely ignored it. I was in shock.

So I depressed right. But to my consolation, there was another rack with Gosha items, including this grey logo tee and in my size nonetheless. Last size, last piece, same color, same price. I just had to grab it and head straight for the cashier before anyone could stop me. Take it from me guys, if you like it, buy it! Don't let anyone take that right way from you. You deserve it! Haha.

So here, styled with other streetwear pieces - this Stussy jacket, a limited edition find in Tokyo; and this pair of Vachetta Tan Nike AF1, another limited edition from Nike Lab.


Photos by John Gabriel

[Tee : Gosha][Sneakers : Nike Lab][Jacket : Stussy][Trousers : GU][Sunnies : Shanghai Tang]


  1. Damn, that's cold! I can't believe he did that D:
    I'd have been so mad, but I don't know what I would say. Glad you got your hands on this tee at least! As always, love your streetstyle spin on it Carla!

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  2. Looks great! So cool and stylish!


  3. Wow that was quite rude of him, glad you found something else. Really love this look and the shades of tan is everything

  4. El outfit es ideal, me encanta!! https://bohoclosetblog.com/2016/10/03/jersey-extra-largo-gris-y-blucher/


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