Frayed Denim on Frayed Denim

Hey ya'll! Checking in still from Jeju Island in South Korea. But nope, travel photos still not in as I haven't been able to sort them out yet. Here we are with a backlog instead, taken from two weekends ago when I went to Hong Kong with Penguin and his cousins to see Earth, Wind, and Fire. Boy, are they good, and I daresay Legendary!

There's not much to report except again that I'm caught up with work so excuse my noncommittal posting schedule. But I'm well, in case you wonder. Weather here's crazy bipolar like Macau just is. But one thing's different is that it's not that humid here and it makes such a huge difference. There's also not much to do I guess, though I haven't taken time off to fully explore the island, it seems as though we're already staying at the centre where all the restaurants and shopping's at. I hope I find extra time to really go out and do touristy things so fingers crossed. Our last day here smells of hope.

Anyway, it's around 3AM here and I obviously have to go to bed for an early start tomorrow. Talk to you guys next time!


P.S. these were taken with Penguin's new Canon point and shoot. We tested it out. First impression, not bad. Not that impressive either but it's probably because I'm not used to it. But I'd still go for an SLR at any given time. Either that or just stick with my iPhone camera.


Photos by Pierre Elma