Lost in Colours | Newtown

Like visiting Japan for the very first time, I was lost in all the beautiful colours of street arts that we came across as we explored the streets of Newtown in Sydney. In every city that we visit, Penguin and I often find ourselves in the midst of beautifully chaotic hipster districts, be it where our Airbnb is located as it so often does happen so; or otherwise, they are to where our instinct leads us.

Such was the case this particular afternoon after getting settled in our bnb when we've just gotten back to Sydney from the Whitsunday Islands. Having time to ourselves for the rest of our stay in city and leaving none to waste, we made our way to Newtown. As stories we were told and just about right, this place is one of the most vibrant districts of Sydney where one can find cozy cafes; restaurants ranging from low to high end and cuisines from Asian to Middle Eastern to European; for the fashion enthusiast like ourselves - local designer boutiques and really cool vintage stores selling a wide range of denims, floral printed shirts, cropped tops, band tees, oversized jackets, and whatnot; and of course, the street arts sprawled across walls.

Perhaps it's the fact that we, in Macau, don't get a lot of freedom in expressing creativity by way of street arts because it's illegal in any form and that there's close to zero places you'll find huge graffiti on walls in Macau that if you do, you won't get excited because it'll be cleaned up by the Government in no time; and the fact that qe also don't have street performers you can call part of the cities' attractions such as in London, that we find ourselves really in awe whenever we see these in other cities.

If it isn't obvious enough, both of our outfits just blended so well with the environment. But more than just the outfit, there's this feeling that I get every time we find ourselves in these hipster districts, and it's that sense of belongingness. I just feel so myself in this Korean + Japanese inspired oversize everything outfit, never mind looking like boy if I blended so well with the environment.

Another pointer for when you visit Sydney, do pay a short visit to Newtown and walk along King Street for ultimate dining options. And if you're into vintage hunting, I recommend a visit to Cream on King and Uturn.

Until the next!


Photos by Pierre Elma and Yours Truly

[Top : Forever 21][Jumpsuit : Drive Store][Kimono : Asos Men][Shoes : Vans][Bag : MCM][Sunnies : Vivant, Korea]


  1. love these pictures so much! cool look as well :)


  2. Wow, the street arts are so cool! Everything is just instagram and blog worthy! Love the outfit too.


  3. I love the images on this post, your style is so effortless!

    Shakira x


  4. I love the photos, so artsy!


  5. The pictures are gorgeous!

    Marta - www.aroundcolours.blogspot.com

  6. Amazing street art!

    (new URL!) www.audrey-allure.com
    xx Audrey

  7. Wow, I had no idea that Sydney had areas like this that are so rural! I'm from the inner city of NY, The Bronx borough, and there are street art and murals and nearly every corner. I love your outfit, as well, beauty! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have the best weekend ahead!




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